Law Abiding Citizen
Gerard Butler isn't all smiles and sappy romance. In Law Abiding Citizen, he plays a vigilante determined to exact revenge upon the men who murdered his family and the law that failed to deal with them properly (like assistant DA Jamie Foxx). In his review, Jeffrey M. Anderson discussed the lack of chemistry between the leads and wrote: "Foxx and Butler have nothing even remotely close to their charisma or chemistry; when they're in the room together, it feels like they can't wait to get away from each other. And the feeling from the audience is mutual." Make your own verdict and Rent it on DVD or Blu-ray.

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Coco Before Chanel
Amelie star Audrey Tautou jumps into the shoes of an icon to play woman behind Chanel. Eugene Novikov reviewed the film during Telluride and wrote: "I've been sitting here trying to think of a more dramatically inert film than this one. I'm at a loss." While many reviewers have noted a lack of complexity, it earned a 65% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes, so this one's up to you: Rent it on DVD or Blu-ray.

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Black Dynamite
Now you can have Black Dynamite in the privacy of your own home as Michael Jai White revolts against "The Man." Scott Weinberg reviewed the fun flick and wrote: "Black Dynamite seems to really love the blaxploitation action flicks, but not enough to avoid mocking it within an inch of its life. So while it's certainly not the second coming of Airplane!, Black Dynamite is more than fast, funny, and likable enough to warrant a visit. Triply so if you happen to be a blaxploitation fan." Buy it on DVD or Blu-ray.

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Hunger (Criterion)
Steve McQueen's look into the final months of IRA activist Bobby Sands is hitting the shelves in a slick, Criterion skin today. While a long and devastating hunger strike isn't perky fare, rising star Michael Fassbender is phenomenal, and this film will prove the acting chops that are quickly making him into a star. In her review, Kim Voynar noted the power of the "lengthy dialog between Sands and a visiting priest." That 22.5 minute scene has a shot that lasts a whopping 17.5 minutes, where cinematographer Sean Bobbitt had to create special film magazines to accommodate the take. Buy it on DVD or Blu-ray.

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Good Hair
Chris Rock heads to the world of documentary to dig into the social environment of African American hair, inspired by his own daughter who asked: "Daddy, how come I don't have good hair?" In his review of the film, Scott Weinberg wrote: "Good Hair is a well-crafted and consistently entertaining piece of "human interest" documentary filmmaking -- although the filmmakers spend perhaps a little too much time on a big stylists' competition that's not really all that interesting in comparison to the interview segments and the barbershop / hair salon conversations." Rent it on DVD.

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Women in Trouble
The co-scribe of Snakes on a Plane is back with a straight-played look at exploited women. Jette Kernion noted the reliance of cliches in the film, but determined: "Putting all of that aside, Women in Trouble is a fun addition to the current trend of revisiting and reworking exploitation-film themes in a lighthearted way." Rent it on DVD.

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Also out: Splinterheads

The Ladykillers
Did you know that the Coen Brothers' 2004 film is a remake of this 1955 film? calls it the "perfect film to brighten your spirits on a rainy day," with a "knockout transfer for a film of this vintage." Alongside an intro by Terry Gilliam, a documentary, and other supplementary fare: "The Ladykillers is a must-own title for any and all fans of classic dark comedy."

Goodfellas (20th Anniversary)
Hold on, folks. This isn't some new and saucy high-def transfer of the classic film. As High Def Digest notes, it's the exact same disc released during the first year of Blu-ray's launch. It's got all the old special features, and the only added content is a "bonus DVD that features a documentary and a small collection of cartoons." On the merits of the film, this is a prime pick if you don't already have it. But if you have the previous releases, why bother?

There are also a lot more Criterion classics this week: a "not to be missed" Revanche and Contempt, Lola Montes "set free to bask in well-deserved glory forever," and Ran in high-def, but no longer through Criterion.

Also out:Cabin Fever, Cabin Fever 2, Freeway Killer

Get ready for the Eastwood:

Clint Eastwood: 35 Films 35 Years at Warner Bros.
Like Dirty Harry can wipe the floor of any law enforcers, Warner Bros. has decided to put out one whopping special edition celebrating over 3 decades of Eastwood fare from Where Eagles Dare to Gran Torino, including all of the Dirty Harry flicks. EW gave the set a B+ rating, but the best perk if you don't have these films already -- it's only $129.99 at Amazon, which is a killer price for 35 films, most of which are classics.

Dirty Harry Collection on DVD and Blu-ray
If the Ultimate collection was too pricey for you, the new bare-bones collection is half the price for the DVD version, and almost $30 cheaper on Blu-ray.