Best of the New Releases: Cabin Fever 2

I know I'm in the minority here, but I actually kind of dug Cabin Fever 2 (my review). Let's be clear, though. It is a messy, messy, mess of a movie mess sewn together in crude and thoughtless ways, but I kind of admire it in a strange, I know I shouldn't fashion. I think Gilchrist's guest review earlier today really sold how strong Ti West contributions were, even if they were Frankensteined in the final product.

I wouldn't particularly recommend CF2 to anyone, per se, but the only people I'd actively warn away from its crude, fluid-loving ways are those who'd look down on a straight-to-video Cabin Fever sequel in the first place.
Best of the Catalog Releases: Um...
Sorry folks, nothing to see here this week.

Complete List of Horror Movie DVDs and Blu-rays for February 16th:
- Black Dynamite (The Blaxspoiltation send up finally hits on both DVD and Blu-ray.)
- Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever
- Freeway Killer
- Law Abiding Citizen (This could have been an enjoyable Jigsaw vs. the Justice System kind of movie, but instead it ended up just mind numbingly stupid. Not a horror movie, but the demographics overlap.)
- Phantom Racer (The Asylum says hello to Speed Racer.)
- Red Hook
- She's Crushed
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