The 2009 romantic comedy The Proposal helped launch star Sandra Bullock's career comeback and raked in over $314 million worldwide. Fans loved it and Bullock notched a Golden Globe nomination for it -- and, if The Blind Side hadn't overshadowed it with its Oscar honors, that would have been reason enough for Bullock & Co. to toast a successful 2009. So why would Disney want to pass on developing The Proposal 2?

Not that I'm a proponent of Hollywood's sequelitis, but following up the hugely popular and profitable flick seemed like a no-brainer. I mean, did you see that scene where Bullock runs headlong into Ryan Reynolds, only both of them are butt naked? Hilarity! Well, apparently someone at Disney didn't see the potential in franchising a series of nude-on-nude pratfalls, because as New York Magazine's Vulture blog reports, the folks at Disney have a whole new game plan – and it doesn't involve projects like The Proposal 2.
The new idea is simple: Disney will apparently focus on making bazillion-dollar CGI kids movies (i.e. anything animated/superhero/Pixar) or cheap live-action teenybopper fare starring the JoBros/Miley Cyruses already contracted to the Disney empire. If a film doesn't lend itself to movie tie-ins and merchandising, the Vulture reports, it's not going to see the greenlight of day. (Read more here.)

In these tough economic times, who can blame Disney for their hard-line business move? For audiences, it could even be a benefit; yes, the studio will shift its focus to blockbusters and franchises, thus freeing up filmmakers to develop more original material rather than churning out sequel after sequel. (Downside: if more studios follow suit, we'll have nothing but blockbusters and franchises to watch.) For now, we should see it as a good thing. After all, who among us didn't breathe a sigh of relief when Disney canceled production on Wild Hogs 2?