You watch horror movies, right?. That's weird...we also watch horror movies. Hey! We should watch horror movies together!

Allow me to introduce you to the brand spanking new Horror Squad Movie Club. Here's how it will work. Every Friday a HS staffer will make their pick for the weekend's movies, offering up a little guidance on why they like it and why you should too. If you're game, you'll have the weekend to watch it and then on Monday said staffer will be offering up a discussion post of sorts, elaborating on their love (or hate) for the flick.

What's the point of all this, you ask? Well, hopefully you'll get to learn the particular tastes of our writers a little better, but the ultimate goal is to hopefully make you fall in love (or hate) with a film you may otherwise have been indifferent to. Oh, and if you're not particularly in the mood for horror (who are you?), Horror Squad sister site Sci-Fi Squad and papa site Cinematical will both be starting up their own respective movie clubs (and don't forget mothership hub Moviefone has one going on as well at Inside Movies).

So, what's on tap for this weekend? Click on to find out.

A good chunk of devoted horror fans may already have seen Eduardo Sanchez' spin on what happens when man and alien collide, but I don't think anyone loves Altered quite as much as I do. And that's a real shame. But I'll save my near-hyperbolic love for the discussion post on Monday and simply ask that you keep in mind that this was Sanchez' first scripted feature (I don't count The Blair Witch Project given its improvisational nature) and that it ended up straight-to-video when you take in the score, the camera work, and particularly the make-up effects.

Your job, should you chose to accept it, is to track down a copy and give it a watch at some point during the next 72 hours. If you're a Netflix subscriber, Altered is available via Watch Instantly, so that's probably the easiest route to go. Though if you trust my taste in movies (and you totally should), I'd highly recommend just heading to your local DVD store and buying a copy even if you haven't seen it.

Don't forget to check Horror Squad on Monday for the discussion post, but in the mean time feel free to get the ball rolling below or on the Twitters with the hash tag #hsmovieclub. 1, 2, 3...go!

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