There are many things I love in this world, but two things I adore above almost everything else are horror flicks and Asian action cinema. So, whenever a film comes along that merges the two, I get excited. Such is the case with Rob Fitz's long-awaited God of Vampires. GoV isn't an Asian action film in the traditional sense, but it does take place in Chinatown and features what appears to be a Triad assassin taking on Chinese vampires. That's close enough for me.

Dread Central brings us the latest update on the project, stating that the film will make its DVD debut through Midnight Releasing on May 4th of this year.

The story finds professional assassin Frank Ng tasked with killing a Chinese crime lord. The catch is that said Chinese crime lord is really a vampire--and he's not all that interested in being killed. Frank must then assemble a team of vampire hunters to destroy the evil vampire once and for all--but it won't be easy, and if the trailer is any indication, things are going to get bloody.

Check out the official synopsis and trailer after the jump. The film doesn't appear to feature any of the traditional hopping Chinese vampires, but it does feature vampire kung-fu, which is a trade-off I'm willing to accept. It also features lots of blood spatter, high-powered weaponry, and guys in dark trench coats channeling their inner Chow Yun-fat--which is like the Bracken trifecta of coolness.
Professional killer Frank Ng has been contracted to murder a Chinese crime lord. The routine hit goes awry when Frank discovers his mark is actually a vampire. Suddenly, the tables have turned. The hunter has become the hunted. This is no ordinary vampire of myths and legends, however. Frank has come face to face with the vengeful Kiang-Shi (Chinese vampire), and it vows to inflict upon Frank such unbearable pain that death will be his only sanctuary. Cursed, Frank is condemned to helplessly witness the horrific and merciless deaths of those he loves, everyone he knows, and anyone he merely brushes by. His anguish intensifies when he dooms his younger brother to this terrible fate. Enlisting the help of a Chinese herbalist, knowledgeable in the ways of ancient lore, and an unlikely team of vampire hunters, Frank strikes out in a final battle against the Kiang-Shi and his minions of the dark. Tonight Frank Ng will discover that to destroy the monster, one must become the monster!

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