If I was more clever, I would have devised some sort of "Crisis" joke that involved Christopher and Jonah Nolan as supervillains who were slowly but surely conquering the DC comics universe and bending it two their will. You know, something along the lines of "First they got Batman. Now they have Superman. Who are they going after next?"

But alas, it's not that funny and not that clever, so let's skip humorous introductions and get straight down to brass tacks. We all know that Christopher Nolan is going to "Godfather" the newest Superman reboot, The Man of Steel. IESB is reporting that he is doing so because he wants to help guide Jonah into the the director's chair.

Whoah. What? It is confirmed that Jonah Nolan will be writing the screenplay with longtime collaborator David Goyer, but if this is true, it kinda' makes sense. It would explain Christopher Nolan's odd "Godfather" role, for sure. Is Jonah as talented behind the camera as his brother? Can he maintain pacing and story? Can he maybe-perhaps shoot an action scene that doesn't look like the film went through a blender?

Of course, this is all unconfirmed, so take it with a grain of salt. Or two grains of salt. Or a truck full. Because things get even wilder.

IESB is also reporting that after Nolan wraps Batman 3/The Dark Knight 2/Batman Goes Bananas, he will be the one to helm a Justice League movie, placing his Batman, his brother's Superman, Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern and the Who-Knows-Who The Flash in one movie.

Whoah. What? I'm willing to believe that Jonah Nolan wants to helm The Man of Steel, but this sounds like crazy talk (and to their credit, IESB acknowledges that this sounds completely preposterous). Nolan seems at home with Batman because he can keep in a somewhat realistic crime story and make the kind of movie he's always been making. The moment you have a team of guys in tights running around, Things get inherently silly and if there's one thing Christopher Nolan cannot due, it's silly. I'm not saying a Justice League movie needs to be a neon nightmare like Batman and Robin, but I am saying that Nolan's gritty, self-serious and humorless style would be completely wrong.

I'm backing up an ocean liner full of salt and asking you to take your share. Even if every single word of this is bunk, it's fun to think about, right?
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