This week Warner Bros. announced it's moving ahead with a Gilligan's Island movie, and a number of people responding to the news (including our own Elisabeth) obviously mentioned LOST. And why not? It's impossible to imagine a story of castaways that ignores what's being done on the hit ABC series. Merely stranding a varied ensemble on an island is just too plain now. Even with a bumbling sailor in the mix. So here's my idea: combine Gilligan's Island with a remake of The Most Dangerous Game.

Based on Richard Connell's short story, The Most Dangerous Game is about a famed game hunter who ends up shipwrecked on an island inhabited by an evil aristocrat who finds his thrills in hunting human prey. Like LOST there is the intentional luring of castaways and the idea of playing a figurative form of outdoor chess. The story has been redone even more times than Brewster's Millions (a new version of which is also on the way), though not always under the original title or faithful to Connell's basic plot.

RKO's 1932 version starring Joel McCrea, Leslie Banks and Fay Wray would be the one to go by as far as true adaptations. But it too is a bit on the simple and plain side, at least compared to modern versions of the concept. Predator, Hard Targetand Battle Royaleare all somewhat inspired by Connell's story and all up the stakes in terms of scope and violence. And LOST itself might also be viewed as rendering The Most Dangerous Game obsolete.
Still, the only kind of Gilligan's Island adaptation I'd pay to see is one in which the passengers of the S.S. Minnow are picked off one by one. Maybe it's because I watched ALIENlast night (I also checked out the original The Most Dangerous Game on Netflix Instant this afternoon). Maybe it's because this season of LOST is the last and I want to continue seeing people ripped apart on a tropical island after May 23. Or maybe it's just that I've always hated the characters on Gilligan's Island.

And if Warner Bros. doesn't like this idea (how could they?), perhaps another actual official adaptation/remake could be made. With this double-remake twist: mix the story with that of Nicolas Roeg's 1986 bomb Castaway, in which a writer (Oliver Reed) gets a woman (Amanda Donohoe) to come live with him on a desert island for a year. So in this new Most Dangerous Game, the aristocrat lures in men to be his prey and saves the women as his wives/slaves.

This is somewhat the case of the original story anyway, but this time Wray's character reluctantly falls for the macho island dweller after he kills the goofy hero. And Wray's character is now actually two separate women, a girl next door type and a glamorous actress. Wait, am I still fantasizing about Gilligan's Island?
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