[Written by Luke Mullen.]

First, there was [REC] and it was good. Then there was Quarantine which wasn't too bad and hopefully alerted some people to the existence of [REC]. And then there was [REC] 2, the long-awaited sequel that US fans are still clamoring to see. A few of the lucky ones may have been able to catch it at the Toronto film festival or here in Austin at Fantastic Fest, but the majority of horror lovers have had to patiently await some news of a US release.

Sadly, I have no such news. As Bloody Disgusting reported, after its premiere at Toronto, Sony picked up the rights to distribute [REC] 2 on home video. With no indications of a theatrical release, it looks like we're at Sony's mercy to see the sequel finally hit American shores.

But wait! There may be hope yet!
Spanish language site Zona DVD has a page up listing a May 2010 release for [REC 2] on Blu-ray in Spain. Tech specs for the disc include English subtitles. Obviously it's still possible that the title may be region locked, preventing it from playing in US PS3's and stand-alone players.

But Spain isn't the only kid on the block with a new toy. YesAsia has a pre-order page up for a Japanese Blu-ray of [REC] 2 set to be available on April 23rd. As you may know, Japan is a region A country for Blu-ray, just like the good ole US of A, so this disc would play in American Blu-ray players. However, the current tech specs for the Japanese Blu don't mention English subs.

Even if both releases end up not being viable import options for us here in the States, here's hoping that foreign releases in April and May will spur Sony on to release it stateside sooner rather than later.
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