I was never very good at being a Goth. I felt silly wearing velvet in the summertime and I had too much of a sense of humor about things to ever get truly depressing. But even though I wasn't the poster girl for the morose and pale the world over, I did love the music, the literature, and even the eyeliner ... but one of the things I loved most of all was The Crow. So trust me when I say that you don't even want to get me started on the remake. I won't dwell on the bad news, though (see what I mean about not being cut out to be a Goth?), and instead today for Scenes (Songs) We Love, I decided to nominate The Cure's Burn from the soundtrack to Alex Proyas' supernatural action flick.

The legendary rock band was one of the inspirations for James O'Barr's graphic novel about a man returning from the grave to avenge the death of his true love, and Burn was written especially for the film adaptation. The song was used during the scene in which Eric suits up for the very first time in his leather outfit and harlequin makeup, and to this day when that scene comes on my hand automatically drifts to the remote to make the song just a little bit louder. Plus it isn't easy to look sexy when you're made up like a clown, and yet somehow Lee pulled it off -- but I'm getting a little off topic...

After the jump; bust out your eyeliner and a pack of Cloves, it's time to listen to The Cure... The movie became part of Hollywood legend because of Brandon Lee's untimely death during production, but even with the tragic back-story, and the (numerous) inferior sequels that followed, the film still holds up rather well today. That's probably in no small part thanks to the source material and a promising performance by Lee, and it remains one of the better comic book adaptations around. Besides, I may be a lapsed Goth, but even I can't resist a romance all wrapped up in suffering, violence, and death -- morbid, I know, but it's kind of our thing.

As an added bonus, another fantastic song from the film (and another source of inspiration for O'Barr's creation) NIN covering Joy Division's Dead Souls.