Hot on the heels of the news that Avatar's Stephen Lang is in talks to play the villainous Khalar Singh in Marcus Nispel's upcoming Conan comes the news that the heart-stoppingly gorgeous Rachel Nichols has officially joined the cast. She'll be playing Tamara, who

" 18 to 24 years old, Caucasian or Middle Eastern, open to all ethnicities; beautiful, studious, correct, a novitiate of a Greek influenced monastery. A master of martial arts, she has been trained to be the Queen's servant, bodyguard and best friend...She finds herself in league with Conan because of a mutual need to find Khalar Singh. She is not in the least intimidated by Conan's size or grim demeanor and their alliance eventually blossoms into something that surprises them both."

Once again, this comes from Latino Review's leaked casting outline. They have even more spoilerific plot details, so hop on over there if you so desire.

Science fiction and fantasy fans should remember Nichols popping up as the green-skinned and, ahem, underdressed roommate to Uhura in last year's Star Trek. She had a bigger role in the very silly G.I. Joe, where her main job was to deliver technical exposition and look very, very cute in tight leather body armor.

I haven't seen enough of Nichols other, larger roles (ask me to go watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, go ahead, ask me), so I can't judge her as an actual actress. I have no idea whether Conan's Tamara is a fully rounded character or a cypher meant to be played by someone easy on the eyes. Either way, we should be getting a sword-wielding and most likely scantily clad Rachel Nichols battling vicious nasties alongside Conan. And that's worth admission, right?

With apologies to our female readers. But hey, you get this guy:

Equal opportunity sexiness!
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