As you've likely heard, the Police Academymovies are on their way back to the big screen. Unfortunately, we won't be getting another installment with the original cast (RIP David Graf). And Monika has already asked for us to propose our dream replacements (just as long as 92-year-old George Gaynes can make one last appearance before he dies, I don't care who else is in this). So for today's Pitch, I'd like to suggest an unlikely writer/director for the reboot: Bobcat Goldthwait. The comedian-turned-filmmaker was a member of the Police Academy ensemble for three sequels, as the criminal-turned-cop Zed. Now he ought to return to the franchise behind the camera.

Would that mean the series has to return to its R-rated roots? This is what I'm actually hoping for. Police Academy is, after all, the franchise that shot a man head first into a horse's ass. Things like bestiality and autoerotic asphyxiation, which are dealt with in Goldthwait's films Sleeping Dogs Lieand World's Greatest Dad, respectively, might have fit right in with the Police Academy franchise had it gone in another direction. And that's precisely the direction I'd prefer. Not the PG, kid-friendly, cartoon and comic-spinning-off series it originally became. Of course, if Warner Bros. wants to return to the more sex and gross-out humor of the original, they'd likely stick with the slapstick sort of Farrelly brothers stuff rather than the excellent, subtler black humor of Goldthwait's films.
Would he even have any desire for this? I would guess not. He didn't even return onscreen for any of the films after Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (he's basically retired from acting save for cameos in his films, so he wouldn't likely reprise his role for this either). And in a New York Times profile last year, he jokingly professed an interest in making a short film in which the present Bobcat goes back in time and tells his 22-year-old self not to do the Police Academy movies. He'll continue making his own films instead, as well as working on his current gig helming the show Important Things with Demitri Martin -- speaking of whom might make a good new Mahoney-type for this reboot.

What would you do with the Police Academy franchise if you were producer Paul Maslansky?
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