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11:59 Tom Hanks gets right the hell to it: The Hurt Locker. Best Picture.

Meanwhile, thousands of horror geeks are yelling things like "We knew about Bigelow in the mid-'80s. Thanks for catching up, Hollywood."

Kathryn Bigelow wins for Best Director (The Hurt Locker), but not before Babs Streisand implies it's because of her gender and not her skill.

ONE MORE TIME: "We have a WOMAN director and a BLACK one!" Let's poke a long overdue occurrence with a stick!!

Even when choked with sincere emotion, Sandy Bullock has to throw in a little joke in at the end. That's why we dig her.

Best Actress goes to Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side. A fine actress in a movie I loathe. Congrats, you cutie. You've paid your dues.

K'bang. Like a hot knife through treacle, here comes Best Actress presenter Sean Penn.

11:46 I'll drop the snark for a second, but only to note that Gaboury Sidibe has a luminous smile. It's beautiful!

Peter Sarsgaard just spoiled the ending of An Education. Goofball.

Dear lord. Already I hate this weepy, preachy approach to doling out the Actor/Actress awards. It used to be "the nomination was the honor." Now it's a reaaaally nice speech from a co-star from six years ago.

Take your time, Mr Bridges. (His four previous nominations were for The Contender, Starman, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, and The Last Picture Show.)

The stunningly flawless Kate Winslet dismisses the sycophants so she can get to the award: Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart! First win on fifth nomination! YEAH!

"To think that we'd never even heard of Crazy Heart before November." -- William Goss

Somewhere, someone who produced S.W.A.T. just screamed "We got mentioned on the Oscars!"

Whoops, no. Morgan Freeman gets his love letter from Tim Robbins. (But they were in jail together.)

"This was a great idea in theory, but perhaps a bit much in practice. Are they being eulogized?" -- Eugene Novikov

11:26 So wait. Each Best Actor nominee gets a virtual tongue-bath from an actress in front of millions. After that, who even needs the Oscar?

Ugh, another meat-market-style line-up. Are we supposed to yell out BIDS here? I offer $600 on Farmiga!

Oh my god! That "V" alien wants to attack movie geeks first! Get 'er!

Kathy Bates introduces Avatar. Cuz that flick took a sledgehammer to the box office! Zing!!

"Crass Jujubes product placement in AVATAR." -- John Gholson

And the winner is Argentina's The Secret in Their Eyes. The director makes a N'avi joke I thought was kinda funny.

Quentin Tarantino and Pedro Almodovar team up to introduce the Best Foreign Film nominees. Extra credit to QT for being prepared: He actually announces the "foreign" names correctly.

The obnoxious mom with 14 kids in a promo with a man who walked on the moon. Our world is a surreal one.

Bob Murawski and Chris Innis! And now ... a commercial!

"Please stop raping David Bowie songs." -- Alison Nastasi

11:06 Tyler Perry awards Best Editing to the pair from The Hurt Locker. Rather than misspell those names, I'll be right back. I see Keanu's busy talking about The Hurt Locker anyway.

"Man, Keanu Reeves is REALLY good at standing." -- William Goss

11:05 I believe that sign said "Text Dolphin to 44144."

11:04 The Cove for Best Documentary.
And yes, that's Fisher Stevens the actor. Congrats to this fine film.

Oh, Matt Damon. Please add some sincerity to this evening. He's doing best documentary feature.

Who writes the announcer's babble? She just reduced the Best Director category to "the chick, the black guy, or one of the regulars."

Avatar wins the FX award. It's not the first for Joe Letteri, but that doesn't prevent the announcer from mispronouncing his name.

"Visual effects. Man, this one could go to ANYONE." -- Dawn Taylor

Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper take the stage to dole out Best Visual Effects. And somewhere in Colorado, Elisabeth Rappe spontaneously explodes.

"Yes, good. Have the cast of TWILIGHT wonder why horror films don't get enough respect." -- Eric Snider

Jennifer Lopez and the musical Sam Worthington give the Best Score Oscar to Michael Giacchino for UP! The first Oscar of many, says this movie geek. And basically every movie geek in the world.

Aren't you movie fans glad the Academy shortens acceptance speeches and includes ....... this?

Thanks, Shankman. This is MUCH better than five short song excerpts.

10:46 Aaaaaaand now I get to live-blog a big dance number. Let me guess. Best Mime Performance is next.

So I get to open with the death list and history's longest commercial break. I need a new agent. Hey, you guys seen any good movies lately?

"Farrah Fawcett WAS missing. Probably lost her spot to Michael "not actually in movies" Jackson." -- Elisabeth Rappe

10:40 Wait, Michael Jackson died? (Oh, c'mon. You try live-blogging a death list!)

"Sam Worthington is chewing gum! Bad form, dude." -- Erik Davis

10:37 I was all set to make a snarky joke about Demi Moore, but alas, she's here to do the In Memory Of tribute. Curse you, Demi! Oooh, but a live James Taylor for the "death list" is a nice touch.

Mauro Fiore wins it for Avatar. Congrats, sir. The cinematography purists will debate this win for hours to come. On the twitter.

Where'd all these crackers come from?

Hi all, Weinberg here! Big thanks to live-blogging veteran snarklord William Goss and live-blog newcomer Alison Nastasi for doing a bang-up job on the first two hours. And now it's time for Sandra Bullock to hand out Best Cinematographer! Sandy is still a charmer, even if I don't like her Blindy Sidey movie one bit.
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