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HOUR TWO coverage begins here with Alison!

9:26 PM - Well, that's all for me, folks (unless you want to follow me on Twitter, cough). Keep up with Alison for hour two! We're breaking that pinata by the next montage!

9:23 PM - Samuel L. motherfu**in' Jackson is introducing Inglou-- NO. Up! (Is that melody going to put a lump in my throat AGAIN? Damn you, Giacchino!)
strong>9:22 PM - No Death Cab for Cutie cover this time. Whew, small mercies.

9:19 PM - Gholson just started passing the Kleenex around. Don't judge us.

9:18 PM - John Hughes tribute introduced fittingly by Molly Ringwald and Matthew Broderick.

9:12 PM - Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr. (hilariously) pair up for Best Original Screenplay: The Hurt Locker (first of many tonight, I suspect).

9:06 PM - Monika wanted to know why nobody brought any "fookin' prawns." Got a big laugh here.

9:05 PM - Having Chris Pine of Star Trek fame explain how District 9 essentially took their populist genre nod seems fitting.

9:01 PM - Hey, Amanda Seyfried and Miley Cyrus of this year's Nicolas Sparks adaptations are reading off Best Original Song, which is... deservedly "The Weary Kind" from Crazy Heart.

8:58 PM - ABC's back on the air in NYC! Yay! And Best Animated Feature goes to... Up. No surprise there, and well deserved by Pixar, even if I DO love me some Fantastic Mr. Fox. (And the snubbed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.)

8:57 PM - Coraline and Mr. Fox are angry that they weren't nominated with the real movies. Ha!

8:55 PM - Saw a commercial for The Bounty Hunter. Maybe if they expand the field to fifty next year...

8:51 PM - You know, I always ask people to bring TWO boxes of Ritz crackers, because Weinberg ALWAYS hogs the one. Well, guess who and what can't be found at the snack table? Shouldn't have to settle for no damn saltines...

8:50 PM - I realize that Ryan Reynolds was Bullock's co-star in The Proposal, but him introducing The Blind Side and not sneaking in some snark edgewise just bums me out.

8:49 PM - I love how Waltz pulls a new metaphor out of his ass for every speech and yet is so genuine that they're not cheesy as hell.

8:48 PM - SUPPORTING ACTOR: Christoph Waltz for Inglourious Basterds!

8:47 PM - Best Supporting Actor GOES TO... (Is this why they cut the speeches in half? To show montages that run twice as long?)

8:44 PM - Speaking of which, Best Supporting Actor goes to... (These clips are going to make this show run five hours.) ...still waiting...

8:43 PM - Reminding Christoph Waltz that if he's looking for Jews, he's surrounded by them tonight -- well played.

8:41 PM - "[Bigelow] was so happy to be nominated alongside Cameron, she sent him a gift basket with a timer!" "And he reciprocated by sending her a Toyota!"

8:40 PM - And there's the predicted 3-D gag to James Cameron.

8:39 PM - Steve brings it back with a throwback to The Jerk!

8:38 PM - ANNNNNND back to It's Complicated.

8:37 PM - "Spoiler alert" joke fell with a resounding thud.

8:36 PM - And there's Alec and Steve's obligatory love for Complicated co-star Meryl Streep.

8:33 PM - A Neil Patrick Harris opening number? Okay, you have our attention, Mr. Oscar Man.

8:31 PM - Expecting at least one "no nods for It's Complicated" joke between Martin and Baldwin. Probably some 3-D riffs as well.

8:30 PM - And so it begins. Nice of them to let the inevitable eight losers at least grace the stage.

8:29 PM - Snider tried to leave the party. He forgot that there was an awards show still to come.

8:26 PM - Overheard at the Cinematical party: "I wish James Franco was there. "Who are you wearing?" "GOOOSHIE BY GUCKKKIE!!"" -Scott Weinberg

8:24 PM - Gabby Sidibe, the most sincere nominee around tonight. Annnnnnnd... Taylor Lautner's next. Why?

8:23 PM - Kate Winslet - to quote what I said re: Mirren, "yowza."

8:21 PM - Man, Miley Cyrus makes deer in the headlights look good.


8:18 PM - Overheard at the Cinematical party: "If Cameron Diaz has seen 3 of the 10 best picture noms I'll eat my bra." -Alison Nastasi

8:16 PM - I used to fly through rings like the ones on Cameron Diaz' ears when I played Firefox 64.

8:12 PM - Overheard at the Cinematical party: "What kind of gum is Morgan Freeman chewing? PLEASE TELL ME!" -John Gholson

8:10 PM - Helen Mirren - yowza. Yeah, I said it.

8:09 PM - Wow, ABC's own announcer just got played off. Gotta be a record.

8:05 PM - Eriks (Erix?) Childress and Davis just showed up with a Golden Globe cookie cake each. They were half-off.

8:04 PM - Jake Gyllenhaal's here to promote The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire.

8:02 PM - Kathy Ireland -- that Kmart dough didn't last forever, I see.

8:00 PM - Damn it, forgot about the real red carpet. What am I wearing? Uh, these are Dockers khakis...

7:50 PM - Looks like everybody's showing up for the Cinematical staff party. Not sure who brought the pinata, but we'll get a kick out of it before the night is out.
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