Tomorrow morning, there will be posts a plenty and comments galore all over the web arguing what went wrong (and to a lesser extent, what went right) with tonight's Academy Awards ceremony. Complaints about the awards themselves and the way they're presented. Complaints about who should have won what. Complaints about the running time, the hosts, the jokes, the dances, the people left out of the memorial montage, etc. Maybe here at Cinematical we'll even open up another discussion of what new category you'd instate if you were in charge of the Academy.

But for the time being, prior to the big show, while we all get ourselves dolled up, prepare our nominee-related snacks and make last minute changes on our play-at-home ballots, I'd like to know what the Oscars would look like if you were the ceremony's producer. More music performances? More dance numbers? More hosts? No host? More montages? More drinking, a la the Golden Globes? Keep in mind this has nothing to do with how the awards are nominated or voted or anything to do with the categories as they're decided by the Academy. This is solely about how you'd structure the show in order for it to be more entertaining -- whether for your own benefit or for a wider audience (aka ratings).
One thing that I always found strange about the Oscars is the complaint about the length. If everyone wants a quick ceremony, they can just have someone reading each winner out in succession, like that terrible Billy Bush-hosted thing in place of the canceled Golden Globes ceremony a couple years ago. I think if the show was entertaining enough I wouldn't mind it being in excess of four hours. But that might just be me. I love movies and could spend hours and hours celebrating them along with the Hollywood elite if it really comes across as a commemorative event rather than a cheesy variety show that also happens to be presenting film honors.

And maybe this is time-consuming and not of much interest to the pedestrian moviegoers, but I really like when the ceremony focuses on why certain films are nominated for certain categories. So I'd show clips of the Best Picture nominees and the acting nominee performances, sure, but also share more about the nominated films in the shorts, documentary, foreign-language, sound, editing -- really, all the categories. I'd also definitely keep the performances of nominated songs, which have been excised this year. As for the hosting situation, I'd either have none, or I'd have some emcee you'd actually see more than three times throughout the night. Finally, I would definitely keep the theater's microphones off during the In Memorium montage.

What would you do, or at least what would you hope to see happen tonight?
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