There is a grand tradition of movie fans quoting their favorite flicks into the ground. Once you've throw in the rush of the Oscar season before you know it you are ready to choke your nearest and dearest if they turn to you one more time shouting "I drink your milkshake!", calling you 'friendo', or reminding you that "Life is like a box of chocolates"...or god forbid, incessantly asking if you are, in fact, "...talkin' to me?"

But, I've noticed a surprising lack of movie catch phrases in recent Oscar history, and maybe I missed something, but last year, it seemed like there wasn't one in the bunch -- unless you count the term 'Slumdog' being used in just about every 'edgy' comedy involving an Indian individual. But this year, I think things could change, and at the very least we've got one very strong contender for a 2010 Oscar catch phrase. Unfortunately, it's also kind of the most annoying one too, but I guess you can't have everything.

After the jump; and the Nominees for Oscar Catch Phrase 2010 are...
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