There is a grand tradition of movie fans quoting their favorite flicks into the ground. Once you've throw in the rush of the Oscar season before you know it you are ready to choke your nearest and dearest if they turn to you one more time shouting "I drink your milkshake!", calling you 'friendo', or reminding you that "Life is like a box of chocolates"...or god forbid, incessantly asking if you are, in fact, "...talkin' to me?"

But, I've noticed a surprising lack of movie catch phrases in recent Oscar history, and maybe I missed something, but last year, it seemed like there wasn't one in the bunch -- unless you count the term 'Slumdog' being used in just about every 'edgy' comedy involving an Indian individual. But this year, I think things could change, and at the very least we've got one very strong contender for a 2010 Oscar catch phrase. Unfortunately, it's also kind of the most annoying one too, but I guess you can't have everything.

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Avatar: "I see you"

Long before James Cameron's sci-fi fantasy started it's Oscar journey, fans were getting into the ready made catch phrase "I see you" (personally, I would have liked to see 'No! Jake Sully' take off, but that one all depends on the delivery), and whether or not the 3D epic walks away with the gold, something tells me we are going to be stuck with this one for a long time to come.

Up in the Air: "How much does your life weigh?"

This line be a little abstract, but if you are looking for an emblem of Jason Reitman's tale of human frailty and corporate downsizing this is a nice life mantra about baggage and the downside of traveling light.

Inglourious Basterds: "We ain't in the prisoner takin' business"

In 2009, brother, business was boomin' for Quentin Tarantino. This dark horse contender for Best Picture is one of Tarantino's finest films and will go down in movie history no matter who ends up with the little golden man come Oscar night.

The Hurt Locker: "If I'm going to die, I want to die comfortable"

Again, we've got another movie that doesn't lend itself easy to a catch phrase, but then again, I don't think any of us saw that milkshake thing coming either. So with Bigelow's war masterpiece a forerunner for the directing and best picture prizes, we should probably have a catch phrase handy, so if you've got a better line to tell the story of the bomb disposal man with a fatal adrenaline addiction, I'm all ears.

Precious: "Nobody loves me!"

Granted, Precious isn't exactly a movie that inspires a feel good catch phrase, but if you are looking for a line that can reference this painful story about a girl who suffers horrific abuse, 'Nobody loves me' just about sums it up -- just don't be surprised if your friends look at you a little funny for cracking wise about the ultra-serious flick.

An Education: "I feel old, but not very wise"

If nothing else, turning this line into a catch phrase will ensure that you can impress your friends with your knowledge of the lesser known flicks in this year's bunch. The coming of age story would provide a certain sophistication to your movie quote repertoire, and who couldn't always use an extra few of those?

A Serious Man: "It's a long story"

Finding a quotable moment in The Coens' complex moral drama wasn't as easy as you would think, especially when you consider the Coens' other contributions to the canon of movie quotes. But I went with Larry Gopnik's minimal description of his wife's loss, because once you take into account the fact that the Coens' drama is based on the biblical story of Job, I'd say it's a very long story.

District 9: "A smile is cheaper than a bullet"

Because I guess since calling people Prawns might be a little bizarre and almost feel kind of racist (although I couldn't really say why), I had to go with the pointlessly upbeat and heartless slogan of the human bureaucrats evicting an alien species from their home away from home.

The Blind Side: "'s later"

While I'm not exactly rooting for the true-life sports tale, you have to admit that at least this quote could provide movie fans with a nice line for those 'I told you so' situations in life -- plus, you even can throw in a little Southern accent if you are feeling 'method'.

Up: "Now, you must wear the cone of shame"

Pixar's masterpiece was not a surprising addition to the Best Picture category, but in the hustle and bustle of Na'vi displacement and ordinance disposal, I think it's going to have to be enough of an honor just to be nominated. That being said, this line makes me laugh ever time I heard it, so that's got to count for something, right?

Leave your picks and suggestions for the catch phrase of Oscar 2010 in the comments below...
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