The Academy Awards just happened. I should be writing about who won, why they won and what can be expected from the winners and losers in the near future. But no. I'm here to tell you that the new trailer for Iron Man 2 has hit Apple Trailers and it's about sixty seven times more amazing than a golden statue of a naked man given out at at Hollywood's annual We're-So-Awesome-Have-A-Self-Congratulatory-Back-Rub-We-Love-You-Athon (with apologies to the excellent The Hurt Locker, congrats to Bigelow and company).

I don't like to be the typical online fanboy who sweats hyperbole and cries tears of hype, but this trailer compelled me to watch it three times. In a row. And when I'm done telling you about it, I'm going to go watch it again. Three times. In a row. So go watch it now, preferably three times in a row, and report on back.

What stands out to little 'ol me:

-Director Jon Favreau has apparently taken some criticism to heart and it looks like the action in Iron Man 2 has been increased ten-fold. We see a lot of flight, a lot of fire, a lot of explosions and a lot of energy-whip-on-racecar destruction. This trailer also shows that this Tony Stark adventure will have 100% more scenes showcasing Iron Man punching robot drones. This is a good thing. A great thing, even.
-We've seen plenty of Mickey Rourke's mysterious Whiplash in the previous trailer, but we get our first look at the great Sam Rockwell as the film's other villain, Justin Hammer, who's apparently like an evil Tony Stark. I'm a little biased, since I think Rockwell may very well be God's Gift to Character Acting, but I'm relishing the thought of seeing him go toe-to-toe with Robert Downey Jr.

-Remember when we reported about Iron Man getting a new armor? It looks like he may have even more than that. In addition to the original armor, we see the upgraded armor with the triangular center as well as a fantastic looking silver and red get-up that appears to be collapsible and portable. Neat. Oh, and War Machine. Plenty of War Machine.

-Most importantly, above special effects and action and new suits, Iron Man 2 appears to have kept the attention to character and the witty sense of humor that made the first film such a winner. Unless the trailer is showing us all of the good banter and character interaction (and I doubt it), we're in for a big, exciting superhero adventure that is also capable of keeping us invested in its characters.

Any massive Iron Man fans with encyclopedic knowledge of the character (I know you're out there) want to chime in? How much of the cool stuff on display is from and the comics and how much is the work of Favreau and company just being cool, geeky people who know how to make cool and shiny things?

Why are you still reading this? Go watch it again!
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