Here's a curious story we missed when it was first posted by the New York Timeslast week. So thanks to Simon Dang at The Playlist, who likely himself caught the article late via yesterday's correction. Apparently there are two competing documentaries in the works about the independent film king Harvey Weinstein. And one of them is to be made by Quentin Tarantino.

The main focus of the Times piece is on the other film, which is being developed by Barry Avrich. He's the director of the 2005 doc The Last Mogul, about agent-turned-studio head Lew Wasserman, and he's reportedly just received funding for his $1 million-budgeted expose, currently titled Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project.

And sure, that project sounds plenty interesting, particularly as it's being planned as an uncensored look at a "a brilliant, feared, charming and yet loathsome character," who is completely unsupportive of Avrich's topic of choice, regardless of how the former Miramax and present Weinstein Company head will be portrayed. But the Tarantino business is what we're all really intrigued about, right?
Like Dang, I think the Tarantino-directed documentary was just made up by Weinstein as part of the strategy to kill Avrich's film. Or, at least to compete with it and tell "the real story." But even if the authorized profile is never made, I'm having fun imagining what a documentary helmed by Tarantino would look like.

Personally, I'd love for him to do a first-person film in the style of Nick Broomfield. Is Miriam Weinstein still alive? Is she as delightful as Violetta Wallace (doubt it)? Maybe the doc is mostly a chat between filmmaker and mother, a la Biggie and Tupac? That'd be pretty awesome, and potentially very sweet.

Of course, the best way for Weinstein to be portayed on film is via a biopic, a flashy one that could easily win Best Picture. And finally get Matt Damon his deserved Best Actor Oscar for packing on the pounds as the lead. Either way, though, I'd see both competing films about ol' Harvey Scissorhands. Maybe somewhere between Avrich's intentionally balanced though likely still scathing profile and Tarantino's love letter to his distributor will be an inferred reality of what Weinstein is truly like.
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