Last year, Slashfilm reported that blogger extraordinaire Ariana Huffington was claiming she was shooting scenes for a secret sci-fi film directed by the Wachowskis. (We're not calling them brothers here!) Huffington said it was a movie about the Iraq War but filmed from the perspective of the future. She had photos of herself with Andy and Lana, backed by green screen, and it was all very odd. At the time, our Erik Davis speculated it could be Tom Tykwer's adaptation of Cloud Atlas, which the Wachowskis are producing. But Slashfilm is now reporting that Jesse Ventura has also filmed a role in the secret movie, and what he says just adds to the mystery.

Ventura appeared on the Howard Stern show yesterday, and when asked if he'd ever return to the big screen, he revealed he had filmed some sci-fi weirdness with the Wachowskis. He doesn't know what the film is, he was shown no script, and he was merely told to improv.

"They brought me [in], and they brought Arianna Huffington in after me. Arianna was there, and they had her looking like Cleopatra ... Do you remember what John Travolta looked like in that horrible film Battlefield Earth? They put multicolored dreadlocks on me all the way to here. They gave me this crazy beard that was hanging down pointed, looked like Travolta, right? And they put a third eye in the middle of my forehead. Because what this is, is this is a hundred years in the future, and they wanted me to talk about the current war in Iraq and how I felt about it. And so I got to vent, looking like this maniac in this whole outfit." After his rant, Ventura was interviewed by Lana Wachkowsi off-camera and "documentary style." He still has no idea what it was all about.

So, what is this? Who else is involved? Have the Wachowskis managed to film a secret movie, completely off the radar? Could this be their District 9 -- or perhaps, more appropriately, their Alive in Joburg? As you may remember, Joburg sprinkled in real interviews about Zimbabwean refugees but framed them as being about the "prawns." Or is it a lot less dramatic than an actual film? At the time of Huffington's cameo, it was all rumored to be a test run for another project. Maybe they're just having fun. But why all the secrecy towards your ranting, costumed talent? I don't know, but it sounds insane (Cleopatra? Three-eyed Ventura?), and I can't wait to see what it leads to.
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