I'm apparently in the minority, but I was really looking forward to John Krasinski playing Steve Rogers in the Captain America movie. Well, so much for that. On the bright side, though, The Hollywood Reporter brings news of another potential franchise for the TV star. And it's in a genre that more of you are likely to accept Krasinski in than that of superhero movies. Yes, the genre is romantic comedy, which more and more is being deemed by Hollywood as franchise material.

Krasinski is in talks to co-star alongside Ginnifer Goodwin in an adaptation of Emily Giffin's chick lit best seller SomethingBorrowed , about a woman who steals her best friend's fiancee. As we learned two years ago, the film was set up by Hilary Swank and her producing partner Molly Smith. Since that initial announcement, a script has been turned in by 90210 writer/producer Jennie Snyder and The Girl Next Door director Luke Greenfield is set to begin shooting this spring.
Despite what you might think, Krasinski will apparently not play the cheating fiancee in the film. Rather, he's up for the more minor supporting role of Goodwin's character's "friend and confidant."But this is why his involvement is interesting: his character will be the male lead in the planned sequel, Something Blue, which is also based on a Giffin book. From what I can tell, this sequel is actually a sort of retelling of Something Borrowed from another perspective and focuses more on the bride's own scandalous affair and accidental pregnancy.

And I think Krasinski ends up saving her from herself. So, in a way, he will be playing a superhero. Only instead of battling Nazis, he's at war with infidelity.Hey, as long as he's not trying to woo ol' pucker face, Renee Zellweger, again, I'll be there with bells on. Still, I hope the actor doesn't end up pegged to rom-com hell and eventually finds something to break casting boundaries, as he would have with The First Avenger: Captain America.
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