Last night's episode of Lost reminded me of something important: William Atherton is the man. It's been a number of years since he's really been able to shine in memorable a-hole-ness the way he did last night as the show's "pervy" principal. Many years ago I spotlighted the scene-stealing actor, best known for dirtbag characters in Ghostbusters, Real Genius and the first two Die Hard movies, and Scott paid him similar respect again last fall. But unfortunately there aren't enough people in Hollywood honoring him the way the Lost producers have.

So, here's the deal for today's pitch, Hollywood: cast Atherton in as much high-profile gigs as he's able and willing to do. First, add him to Ghostbusters 3. He reprised his EPA jerk for the video game. I'm sure he'd come back for the threequel. Next, if God forbid you do make Die Hard 5, and you can't do it the way I suggested, make Atherton's sleazy TV reporter character the lead villain this time around. He's been absent for the last two installments, but surely he's ready for some kind of revenge on John and Holly McClane -- yes, please get Bonnie Bedelia back, too, if only because she's the best foil for Atherton's Dick Thornburg.
And hey, while we're at it, let's have another Real Genius, too. No need for anyone to return except Atherton, who is instructing a whole new generation of bright young minds in science. Non sequel or franchise returns? Sure, give 'em anything else you've got. Just as long as you get him back in at least enough notoriety that I never have to see another Tweet like this one (bad title spelling aside): "dude! the principal from Ferris Beuller's Day Off is the principal on #Lost tonight! WOW!!!!!"

Not that I wouldn't like to see Jeffrey Jones make a comeback as well, but you know, one character actor at a time.
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