- If you've been dying to see Ryan Reynolds buried alive, mark your calendars for September 24th, 2010; that's when Lionsgate will be dropping the much-buzzed Sundance hit Buried into theaters.

- Should Sandra Bullock make good on her claim that she's going to have husband Jesse James weld her Best Actress Oscar to the hood of her car, she'll instantly become my new favorite person. Sorry, Tron Guy, your reign had to come to an end some day.

- This Shining infused Cuckoo Clock isn't a real product, but if you happen to know where artist Chris Dimino lives, it could be yours. Please just don't tell the police that Cinematical advocates breaking and entering.

- The duo behind Logorama, the awesome animated short film that just took home an Oscar, will be making a live-action Splinter CellGhost Recon movie (Thanks to Philpott for the correction, got my Ubisoft franchises mixed up). It might be only 20 minutes long, but hey, I'll take a live-action Splinter Cell no matter the length.
- Fans of Daybreakers take note, the Blu-ray (out June 1st) will have a feature-length 'Making of' documentary that covers every step of the production process on what is, for me, one of the most interesting vampire movies to come out of the fang-boom.

- FilmDrunk has a handy printout of the Big Lebowski Alignment Chart for the next time you're running a table-top Coen brothers RPG and need to know whether Walter Sobchak is Chaotic Good or Neutral Evil.

- I'm not sure if the fine gents at Geekstir made the picture cropped at the top of this post, but I hope any time someone in Hollywood thinks remaking Say Anything in 2010 is a good idea, this picture winds up in their inbox.

I miss you, Gary Busey.
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