Thursday afternoon at the Los Angeles press junket for their new rock biopic The Runaways, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning indulged fanboy and especially fangirl impulses to answer a question or two about their next collaboration, the Twilight sequel Eclipse. (Look for Cinematical's in-depth coverage of The Runaways in the next few weeks leading up to its national release.) After talking about stepping into the shoes of rock & roll pioneers Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, two of the founding members of The Runaways' band of the same name, the two described their feelings about the on-set differences between installments two and three in the Twilight film series, which shot back-to-back but with different directors: Chris Weitz directed '09's New Moon, and David Slade directed Eclipse, whose teaser trailer debuted online yesterday.

"I feel like the difference on the third one is that we all are so used to going back to this story that we fell right back into it," Stewart explained during an exclusive interview with Cinematical. "It wasn't like, 'whoa! Weird -- we're doing it again.' On the second one, we had that, and this was just like a continuation of [the experience], even despite the director change."
"We were so comfortable with these characters that we have established a dynamic with the cast and the producers, and we would just sort of do our thing."

Fanning, meanwhile, had far less time on New Moon than Stewart did, but indicated she felt welcomed by the cast and crew. "I was there a whopping three days on both," she said, laughing. "But yeah, I came in kind of towards the end of New Moon, I think, and towards the end of Eclipse, so everybody was so comfortable with each other, you know. It was really nice."

Stewart joked that she helped her co-star get acclimated with the set's cool kids. "Yeah, and she knows me so I let her in the group," she said with a laugh.
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