If you're a nerdy wannabe horror filmmaker who needs a lot of "correction", then you should be attending the Horror Film Boot Camp, where instructors like REPO!'s Darren Lynn Bousman will be there to teach you all the tricks of the trade. This is a great venue for those of you who are serious about getting your movie made -- all writers, directors and producers are encouraged to sign up.

Albuquerque, New Mexico is the place to be May 7 - 9 where experienced filmmakers will help you learn the most about casting, managing a crew, working with special effects and makeup, and even shooting scenes. You'll also be able to talk shop about the best equipment and recipes for blood, as well as cover the not so exciting stuff like budgets (who needs 'em!). The boot camp folks have reassured us that this is not a lecture based class, so be prepared for hands-on training instead of being a passive little pansy. Oh sorry, I was just getting in the mood.

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Find out more information about Horror Film Boot Camp on the official website. Here is a peek at who will be there to whip you into film worthy shape:

Writer and director Darren Lynn Bousman is one of the most successful horror filmmakers working today. He directed the three most popular installments of the Saw franchise – Saw II, III, and IV. Darren also directed the cult hit REPO! The Genetic Opera and the upcoming Mother's Day starring Rebecca De Mornay.

Kurly Tlapoyawa is an actor, writer, stuntman, and the co-author of Direct Your Damn Movie, written with the legendary Lloyd Kaufman of Troma. Kurly has worked as a stuntman in films like Gamer and Crank: High Voltage and teaches courses on fight choreography.

Spooky Dan Walker has worked as a visual effects artist on over 50 TV and film projects including Final Destination 2 & 3 and Slither. He has a wide range of production experience including set building and makeup, and he's also written for high profile horror websites like Dread Central and Bloody Disgusting.

Michael Emanuel is a successful commercial, TV, and film actor with credits including ER, and he's also produced and sold a number of horror films. He was the lead actor in the acclaimed low budget Lucky and wrote, produced, and directed the film Maneater starring Dean Cain.

Moderator Lee Stranahan has been working in broadcast TV and film for 30 years. Lee was recently featured in Variety and is a regularly featured blogger for The Huffington Post. He has taught visual effects and filmmaking to thousands of people around the world.
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