This week I heard some people saying Robert Downey Jr. needs to be cloned so he can star in that Leonardo Da Vinci action movie, among other things. And yeah, that would be great since there are so many characters that he will just never have the time for, especially as long as he's got the Iron Man/Avengers and Sherlock Holmes franchises to keep him busy when he's not doing other work. The same can also be said for other consistently entertaining stars like Johnny Depp and Matt Damon, the latter of whom I even slightly hinted about being cloned in a Pitch post earlier this week.

Then there are the hot actors du jour who are mentioned at least once -- sometimes twice -- a day in connection with some blockbuster or other. While I might not agree, I'm sure Hollywood execs currently wish they could clone Sam Worthington, Taylor Lautner and maybe Shia LaBeouf. As for actresses, both Angelina Jolie and Katherine Heigl get "attached" to a lot of projects, many of which they won't end up doing. If only it were still the Golden Age studio-contract era, when big stars would regularly do four or five starring gigs a year, minimum.
Let's imagine we had access to a cloning machine. But we could only use it on one actor or actress. And not for any other reason than to cast in movies (don't get any creepy ideas). Who would you choose? And only currently living people, please. Otherwise, we're all just going to clone Marilyn, right? So, seriously, I'd probably go with RDJ. Or maybe Meryl Streep. She's currently doing well fluctuating between comedies and dramas, but I want to see her in still more films every year. Action movies, sci-fi movies, whatever. Let her play Da Vinci, or any other male combination historical figure adventure hero.

Who's your pick?
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