Struggling to keep up with the hordes and reviews that Cinematical and sister sites SciFi Squad and Horror Squad are pushing? Here's your handy round-up by day:

Thursday, March 11

Erik Childress talks to The People Vs. George Lucas director Alexandre O. Philippe.

Friday, March 12

Todd Gilchrist on Kick-Ass at Cinematical: "Unfortunately, as a full-length film, Kick-Ass is a great comic book come to life, but not much else."

Erik Childress talks to Elektra Luxx director Sebastian Gutierrez at Cinematical.

Erik Childress talks to Greenlit director Miranda Bailey at Cinematical.

Saturday, March 13

Jette Kernion on Micmacs at Cinematical: "Its playfulness is engaging and contagious and takes over any seriousness of story or plot."

Erik Childress talks to American Grindhouse director Elijah Drenner at Cinematical.

Todd Gilchrist checks out the Predators preview at Cinematical.

Scott Weinberg talks the Alamo Drafthouse's Tim League at Cinematical.

Todd Gilchrist talks to Happy Poet writer-director-star Paul Gordon at Cinematical.

Sunday, March 14

Peter Martin on Barry Munday at Cinematical: "If a movie paints itself into a corner in its first few minutes, it rarely finds anywhere interesting to go. Barry Munday, the directorial debut of Chris D'Arienzo, is an exception, transcending a familiar plot with sharp dialogue and awkward grace."

Peter Hall on Red, White & Blue at HS: "Rumley's gritty-looking film is low budget, but it bears none of the low-budget trappings that destroy films crafted by lesser talents."

Jen Yamato hits the red carpet for Kick-Ass and talks sequels at Cinematical.

Peter Martin on Reel Injun at Cinematical: "Much more than a simple collection of clips, Reel Injun proves to be an illuminating semi-personal essay as well."

Erik Davis on Saturday Night at Cinematical: "Saturday Night doesn't reinvent the wheel and it won't reveal any shocking truths (except maybe that Bill Hader deserves way more credit than we give him), but you'll definitely walk away with a lot more respect for not only the show itself and what it manages to produce with only one week of prep time, but also the people who make it all happen."

Eugene Novikov on Thunder Soul at Cinematical: "The movie itself is, I'm afraid, a little bit anodyne. But watching it was the sort of prototypical festival-going experience that makes these trips worthwhile; a communal outpouring of enthusiasm and admiration."

Monday, March 15

Micah Matthews on Hubble 3D at SFS: "watching this movie in true IMAX 3D was an experience unlike any I've had before."

Kevin Kelly talks to Leaves of Grass director Tim Blake Nelson and star Edward Norton.

Alison Nastasi on Tony at HS: "The story is more of a social realist character study than an outright horror film and some of the essentially British issues may be unfamiliar to certain audiences, but the overall ideas are universal."

Jen Yamato's first kick-ass female of SXSW is Chloe Sevigny.

Eric D. Snider on His & Hers at Cinematical: "What could easily have been a dull-looking "talking heads" doc is instead pleasant to behold."

Kevin Kelly talks to Cyrus star Jonah Hill at Cinematical.

Jen Yamato outlines the Elektra Luxx premiere snafu at Cinematical.

Tuesday, March 16

John Gholson on The People Vs. George Lucas at SFS: "It's a consistently good-looking doc, with high production values and some inspired editing... For disillusioned fans like myself, it's a unnecessary reminder of the things you hate about a thing you used to love."

Jette Kernion on Lemmy at Cinematical: "Lemmy is a straightforward profile of the musician born as Ian Fraser Kilmister, who has been playing bass for Motorhead since he founded it more than 30 years ago."

Peter Hall on Monsters at SFS: "Monsters is a bittersweet, meticulously crafted, heavily nuanced film that I imagine will only improve with repeat viewings."

Eugene Novikov on Serbian Film at Cinematical: "I cannot recommend Serbian Film to anyone. It is a movie that hard-core horror fans will be daring each other to endure for years to come. On an intellectual level, I think I can see and appreciate what it's trying to do. But if I could unsee it, I would."

Willliam Goss talks to Hubble 3D director Toni Myers and astronaut Michael Massimino at Cinematical.

John Gholson on Myth of the American Sleepover at Cinematical: "It's the below-the-surface details, the warm-hug tone and the subtle characterizations that Myth gets right, elevating it into something that lingers, without a trace of cynicism or angst."

Peter Hall talks to Let Me In director Matt Reeves at Cinematical.

Wednesday, March 17

Eric D. Snider on MacGruber at Cinematical: "MacGruber is very funny, by turns crude and subtle but mostly crude, [but] I must also acknowledge that it ain't exactly an instant classic."

Luke Mullen on Serbian Film at HS: "This is a brilliant film. There are no wasted scenes."

Eugene Novikov on Lebanon, Pa. at Cinematical: "Lebanon, Pa. is problematic, but it does a lot of things right, and winds up being one of the more engaging films at this year's festival."

Peter Hall interviews Red, White & Blue director Simon Rumley.