Screw all those late night shows, I would watch Zach Galifiankis' Between Two Ferns religiously if it somehow made its way to my cable channel lineup. And that's not a completely absurd pipe-dream of mine considering Funny or Die does have a new HBO show, though seeing as Mr. Galifiankis is busy caressing his newfound movie stardom, as of now we can only look forward to the occasional online segment where Zach sits down with an actor or actress promoting an upcoming film and absolutely trashes them -- to their face -- in every conceivable way.

And, sure, both parties are in on the joke, but it's still hilarious to watch nonetheless. Zach's latest victim is Ben Stiller, who's out promoting Noah Baumbach's Greenberg. Aside from immediately suggesting Stiller change his last name to There Done That, Galifianakis refers to Zoolander as Jewlander and cautions Stiller not to make fun of people from the South because "they're stupid enough to go see your f**king movies." If this is the first thing you watch today, you're off to a great start.

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Warning: Watch out for foul language