Celebrity Sightings: SXSW gives off the vibe that chatting with the random star about town is a lot more likely than hordes of flashy celeb pictures. However, IMDb has a decent gallery going with the star-studded photos broken down by day, like the shot of Kristen Wiig above. Just Jared, meanwhile, shares pictures of the round-faced Val Kilmer, and Twilight's Ashley Greene joins a group hug while at SXSW for Skateland.

Our Coverage: Rather than list it all here, you should check out our SXSW Mid-Way Roundup, which outlines our killer, 30+ lineup of interviews, reviews, and SXSW buzz. Also, be sure to stay tuned for an interview with The Ride director Meredith Danluck and a review of The Canal Street Madam at Cinematical, a review of Amer at Horror Squad, and a review of Life 2.0 at SciFi Squad, plus more goodies in the days to come.

Deals: Magnet Releasing was attracted to the sci-fi pic Monsters, holding true to its name. Hours after the screening, they scooped up both U.S. and Mexico distribution rights.
indieWIRE Love: Are you ready for Spy Kids 4? Anne Thompson talks to Robert Rodriguez, who is gearing up to revisit the young tyke adventure with new kids, and he "seems annoyed" at the mention of Sin City. Eugene Hernandez calls SXSW 2010 a "watershed" year, with the music festival dwarfed by film and interactive events. Meanwhile, Bruce Renninger's SXSW Daily looks into the prize-winner buzz behind flicks like Tiny Furniture and Marwencol, and Peter Knegt covers the "raunchy press conference" for the SNL flick MacGruber.

Blogs, Tweets, and Treats:

THR's Risky Business looks into the increasing demand at SXSW, and how that's resulting in a lot of pass holders getting turned away at "nearly every screening."

The NFB (National Film Board of Canada) is on a roll! Guy Maddin's Night Mayor won the prize for best experimental short (as previously mentioned), and their website for Waterlife won for web activism.

Anne Thompson tweets a whole bunch about the info behind Cargo.

Jen Yamato is reminiscing: "My #SXSW so far has been all about '80s nostalgia: Barry Munday, MacGruber, Skateland, and tonight, Bill Murray..."

Speaking of Get Low (Bill Murray), William Goss tweeted after the screening: "
My Sissy Spacek crush remains. (Same goes for Bill Murray.)"

Chris Ullrich says about Cherry: "enjoyed Cherry for what it is. It was funny and a pretty good story. Some flaws but overall, not bad. Kyle Gallner is terrific."