Low budget filmmaking is a hit-or-miss prospect anyway, but low budget horror seems to miss more often than it hits. Thankfully, films like The Signal still rise from the muck and mire to establish themselves as solid entries in our most loved genre.

Filmed on a shoestring budget in Atlanta, Georgia, The Signal debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007, followed by several other festival screenings before getting a small theatrical release in 2008 and a DVD/Blu-ray release later that year. Along the way it gathered a strong buzz riding on critical acclaim and fan love. And the best part is, it deserves the love.
Following a small group of people as a mysterious virus turns everyday people into vicious, rage-filled murderers, The Signal packs a serious punch. It taps into the same fears as classic zombie films, but isn't afraid to poke fun at itself and even try for a little romance. It stars the adorable Anessa Ramsey and strong up-and-comer AJ Bowen, who you may already recognize from Ti West's throwback hit The House of the Devil and will hopefully soon see in Adam Green's upcoming Hatchet 2. Filmed in three parts by three separate directors, it combines elements of earned paranoia and dark comedy in equal measure.

It's not perfect, and we can discuss some of the flaws in the discussion on Monday, but The Signal is a tightly woven chunk of apocalyptic horror goodness that's definitely worth checking out. It's available on Netflix Watch Instantly, so you have no excuses, go ahead and check it out this weekend and throw your opinions down in the discussion here on Horror Squad in a few days time.
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