Best of the New Releases:After Dark HorrorFest titles

It's still the best if it's virtually the only major release, right? I'm sad to say I haven't really had a chance to dig into many of them yet. I did see Zombies of Mass Destruction, which is good but not great, and I saw enough of The Final to know that finishing that is going to be a painful experience. I've heard good things about Lake Mungo as well as Fantastic Fest alum Dread and I'm looking forward to watching those soon.

Here's the full list of After Dark titles:
- Dread
- The Final
- The Graves
- Hidden
- Kill Theory
- Lake Mungo
- The Reeds
- Zombies of Mass Destruction
Or if you want to snag all of them:
After Dark HorrorFest 4 Box Set

Best of the Catalog Releases: Well...

Sadly, there aren't any this week. It's kind of a slow week for horror at home.

Complete list of horror movies on DVD (sorry, no Blu-ray's this week) for March 23rd:

- Carny - Lou Diamond Phillips stars in this new entry in the Maneater Series
- Toxic Skies - According to the tagline "fear is in the air" in this new film starring Anne Heche. The cover art makes it look like a SyFy flick, but it doesn't appear to be. Still, tread with caution.
- Banshee!!! - This appears to be a pretty standard low-budget creature feature, but it does have more exclamation marks than any other title this week.
- Legend of the Sandsquatch - Looks about the same as Banshee!!!

Of interest (these films aren't exactly horror but might be noteworthy to horror fans for one reason or another):
- Anna: The Pleasure, The Torment - I hadn't even heard about this Italian film from 1973, but when I noticed that it stars the lovely Edwige Fenech, I thought it be worth mentioning. Check out Fenech on the cover! The plot summary seems pretty cool and I'm thinking of picking this one up myself.
- Astropia - This fantasy comedy played here in Austin at Fantastic Fest back in 2008. I missed it, but I've heard good things from friends who caught it.

Check back next week for a look at the new horror releases for March 30th!
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