- Depending on whom you believe, Jamie Foxx may or may not be writing a film version of the '70s sitcom Laverne & Shirley for director Gary Marshall and stars Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel. Yes, Jamie Foxx.

- Not to dive into celebrity in-fighting, but this improbable spat just cracks me up. Apparently a few years ago Glenn Beck called James Cameron the anti-Christ (in response to Cameron's documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus), someone recently asked Cameron about the Fox News staple and his response is golden: "Glenn Beck is a f***ing ***hole." Beck's equally mature retort? Calling Avatar a "Smurf-murdering movie".

- Attention Browncoats, Patton Oswalt gives EW's PopWatch the skinny on the Firefly comic he's writing for Dark Horse. It's called Float Out and it'll pick up where Serenity left off, but will introduce new characters as they christen a spaceship in honor of Wash. June 2nd is now a date to remember.

- Sony Pictures has picked up the US distribution rights for Red Hill, an Australian "neo-Western" starring Ryan Kwanten (who most will recognize as Jason Stackhouse from True Blood) as a sheriff who has to deal with a prison break his first day on the job. Don't know what a "neo-Western" is? Have a gander at the trailer below:

- Now I actually don't think this fan trailer for Avatar II is all that funny (yeah, Avatar's core script wasn't all that original, we get it), but one scene in particular did make me chuckle and if you're reading this at 3am, you're probably surfing for mindless things to watch anyway, so have at it:

- And speaking of random things to watch, here's nice little video tribute to the final shots from a bunch of different movies. (Hint: I'll post pretty much anything if it's set to a song by Godspeed You Black Emperor).

-And what do you get when you cross Pedobear, the Internet's most adorable meme, with Predator? Predobear, of course. Sweet dreams.
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