All you fans of robot-suited multi-millionaires with hearts gold (actually, hearts of arc reactors, but whatever) will be pleased to know that we have not one, but two new Iron Man tidbits today: a brand new international poster for the only-a-month-away Iron Man 2 and early word on the inevitable Iron Man 3.

You can scope out a smaller version of the poster to the right, and can take a gander at a larger model over at Marvel's official website. Granted, the first Iron Man's posters weren't too memorable or creative, but...really, Marvel? Really? This is why you don't give your interns a copy of photoshop, a few older teaser images and tell them to get the job done before lunch. Nasty floating heads at their worst!

Then again, I'm a movie poster snob, so what do I know? This is the international poster, after all. Maybe choppy, random images badly slapped on top of each other with no real artistic design is big in Sweden. Gotta' get Swedish butts in the seats. For all I know.
Elsewhere on the internets, Coming Soon was at ShoWest, where Robert Downey Jr. was talking up his upcoming comedy Due Date, which teams him with the great Zach Galifianakis (and since this is a science fiction website, I won't waste valuable space talking about how great a Downey/Galifianakis team-up sounds...oops). When asked about his future plans, Downey said he "plans to suit up for a future Iron Man flick." Does this mean Marvel's going to try to squeeze out a trilogy prior to the release of The Avengers? Or was Downey actually referring to The Avengers? And when is he going to film it? I was under the impression that Sherlock Holmes 2: Steam-Powered Boogaloo was his next priority. And what about Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity?

If you ask me, I'm pretty sure Downey was just talking for the sake of talking. Iron Man 3 will happen. That's a definite, 100% fact. I just don't think Downey, or anyone else, knows when yet.
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