- Heads up, Wii owners, the first batch of discs enabling Netflix Watch Instantly streaming have begun shipping. If you haven't ordered your complimentary streaming disc, click right here.

- Lionsgate has pulled out of the bidding war for MGM, leaving Time Warner and a holding company called Access Industries run by a private Russian billionaire. If you had $7.5 billion laying around, would you drop around $1.5 billion to own the roaring lion?

- Speaking of Lionsgate, the studio has just hired John Singleton to direct Abduction, a vehicle for Taylor Lautner that will find the star playing a youth who discovers his parents aren't really his parents; adventure ensues. This is no way sounds like it could be the plot of Disney Channel Original Movie.

- Relativity Media has optioned first-time screenwriter Greg Russo's screenplay Down -- it's about a guy trapped in an elevator. I love that it's already being described as "Buried meets 1408", because it's always great to pitch a film by comparing it to one that hasn't even been released yet.
- The always-busy Brian K. Vaughn, he of Y: The Last Man and Roundtable, has yet another project in the works. It's called The Vault and /Film's description pegs it as "Ocean's 11 meets 2012/Children of Men". That combo doesn't really make any sense to me, but I've dug everything of Vaughn's I've seen/read so far, so I'm game.

- Wolfgang Petersen's remake of Satoshi Kon's inspired anime Paprika is still in the works despite a screenplay that is still MIA. Their plan is to make it 'more accessible for a wider audience'. Le sigh. If you haven't seen the original, this is why you need to (and this is why a live-action, 'more accessible' remake is a terrible idea):

- Throw some love to Happle Tea for the great Lord of the Rings comic at the top of this post. If it doesn't spark at least hint of a smile, you're a zombie.

- "No one will ever believe you." -- Bill Murray will deny all these stories. (The most recent entry isn't all that funny, but the older ones are worth a chuckle.)
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