Last week's Trailer Park poll winner was, as expected, Predators. More than 50% of you decided that was the film you most wanted to see based on its preview. I'm going to presume my ordered list of favorites this week will be less aligned with the voters, mainly because a certain trailer sensation is barely in my top 5. Instead, there's a particularly strong showing of indie, documentary and foreign film trailers spotlighted this week, partly due to my disinterest in The Last Airbender, Despicable Me and Marmaduke. And the fact that three French language films look really amazing and therefore easily rule the top three spots.

Okay, make that the top two spots, as my original choice for #1 was the Russian trailer for The Illusionist, Sylvain Chomet's follow-up to the brilliant The Triplets of Bellville. Unfortunately, it's been removed, so it will just have to be the winner of another Trailer Park in the future. Taking its place is Michel Gondry's The Thorn in the Heart, a non-fiction film that screened at SXSW last week. Our own Todd Gilchrist is not a fan of the invasive nature of the doc, but based on the trailer alone it seems like it could be the greatest look at an artist's family since Crumb. It's a funny and clever spot, though I hope Oscilloscope isn't teasing us Gondry fans with a lot of fantastical animated visuals that aren't actually representative of what's to be found in this personal, autobiographical film.

Check out that trailer and my full list of the week's best movie previews after the jump.

1. The Thorn in the Heart
- I'm sure to be alone here, but I am truly looking forward to this little film above the rest.

2. Adele Blanc-Sec- The fact that a French-language trailer for a mostly unknown film is visually stunning and intriguing enough to make the rounds of the movie sites with as much fervor as this did over the last week is already a good sign for Luc Besson's Indiana Jones-like fantasy, even before a U.S. distributor has picked it up.

3.Animal Kingdom- At first this Sundance winner appears to be just another crime thriller, somewhat like an Australian The Departed (as so many have described it). But this is a very well constructed trailer, from the large, eye-grabbing titles to the abrupt tonal change courtesy of Air Supply's "All Out of Love." This is also one of those films that will benefit from having the festival honor and respectable critic blurbs prominently displayed.

4. The Good Heart- An indie buddy dramedy starring Brian Cox as the cranky old man and Paul Dano as the young idealist? Seems like I've seen this movie before, but never with a duo as appealing. Plus, I'll watch just about anything that's set in a bar and filled with plenty of colorful, alcohol-loving characters.

5. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World- Okay, fanboys, here you are. I'm in the minority that wasn't wowed by this trailer on its own merits, but I'll continue taking everyone's word that it will be awesome and epic.

6. No One Knows About Persian Cats - I've seen this Iranian film about musical outlaws, and I absolutely love the catchy songs by Take It Easy Hospital, so it's a plus that I'm getting to hear them again in the trailer.

7. Please Give- This trailer could have cut out all the plot stuff and the other cast members and made it look like an hilarious one-woman show starring the amazing Catherine Keener. But that would be deceiving, and anyway even with all the plot stuff and the other cast members this looks like an hilarious one-woman show starring the amazing Catherine Keener.

8. Get Him to the Greek (Red Band)- Really it's not that much raunchier than the film's green band spot (which really pushed the envelope), but the second it opened with Aziz Ansari I was sold.

9. The Sorcerer's Apprentice (International)- Not much different here from the domestic trailer, but the extra attention put on Alfred Molina, particularly dialogue-wise, garners this one bonus points.

10. Legend of the Guardians- This Australian-accented children's fantasy film about owl mythology directed by Watchmen's Zack Snyder is all kinds of weird. In fact it kind of freaks me out. I'm thinking this could be a Dark Crystal for the kids of today. And potheads. If it ends up bombing, at least expect this to be cult classic at some point in the future. Also, that 30 Seconds to Mars song is so epically over the top. Do we have Where the Wild Things Are to thank for loud rock in family film trailers now?