Just a few days ago Mike shared the news that the first role in the Frank Darabont-run TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman's excellent comic series The Walking Dead had been cast. Jon Bernthal (who was most recently seen as the literary agent in Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer) would be taking on the role of Shane, best friend of the main character, Officer Rick Grimes. So, who will be playing Rick?

If Bloody Disgusting's source is correct, Darabont and company are currently courting Jonny Lee Miller for the role of the leading man. I haven't particularly given much thought to fantasy casting the show, but even if I had tried to come up with a list I don't think I would have ever thought to include Miller on it; now that the name has been tossed out there, I find it to be a pretty snug fit. I always imagined that the role would go to a rugged-looking actor to match the rugged-looking drawing of Grimes, which is why the first name I heard for the project, Mark Pellegrino (Jacob on Lost), always kind of stuck with me.
He may not have the chiseled jaw line we've been seeing on the printed page for well over 50 issues, but Miller's everyman charm does fit the personality of Rick quite well. Plus, part of me just wishes that at least one cast member from Hackers would be in everything ever made, so if he landed the job that would certainly fulfill the wishes of the 13-year old me.

With shooting set to begin in a little over a month, we can certainly expect plenty of casting news to come out in the next couple weeks. Between Mike and myself, I can pretty much guarantee that we'll be all over the news once Darabont does find his Grimes. I apologize in advance if we start to get a little Walking Dead crazy here at the site, but an hour-long TV series about the zombie apocalypse run by the guy who wrote The Blob '88 and directed The Mist on the same network that gives Mad Men and Breaking Bad the creative license they need to be as outstanding as they are is pretty much a gift-wrapped present for horror fans. I for one can't wait to tear into it.
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