For its second trailer, the upcoming spy film Knight and Daytargets just the action fans. Whereas the first trailer made the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz pairing seem like 27 Dresses meets Mission: Impossible meets The Bourne Identity, this Muse-rocking spot reminds us only of the latter two. I guess the wedding scenes were turning too many guys off?

That leaves us to find other reasons not to be interested in this seemingly bad adaptation of an '80s TV series that never existed. For me, though, Tom Cruise is not one of those reasons. I've never really stopped liking the guy (though I was one of the few who didn't enjoy him in Tropic Thunder) and he feels right at home in this cheesy action comedy. Feel free to disagree, but for me, this is good Cruise. No eye patch, no attempt to win an Oscar. Just that smile and a lot of goofy yet entertaining driving stunts.
Cameron Diaz, on the other hand, may be the true burden on the likability of Knight and Day. In every scene of this trailer she makes Cruise look really good. She might even outdo Kate Capshaw as the most irritating female lead ever in an action movie. Even if overall this movie is better than it looks -- and with James Mangold at the helm, I still must believe that to be the case -- I fear that Diaz will ruin it for me.

The only thing worse would be if a precocious kid shows up in the backseat of a car and says cute one-liners while Cruise drives through a bullfight or some other ridiculous set piece. And the kid's name is Dave and they make another title change and call the movie Knight and Dave.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what's driving you to or away from the theater with this one.