Given that we've heard again about a new Godzilla movie and rumor of back-to-back sequels to Independence Day, I wanted to pitch something related to another Roland Emmerich work. But there's nothing else in his filmography I'd like to revisit. Maybe in another 25 years we can have an elderly Mel Gibson return for a War of 1812-set Patriot 2 or something. Or John Carpenter should reboot Stargate with original star Kurt Russell. But those are even worse ideas than I normally have, so I've decided instead to concentrate on potential Independence Day returnee Will Smith and propose another sequel: Enemy of the State 2.

Outside of Wild Wild West, Tony Scott's Enemy of the Stateis I believe the only one of Smith's action films not to receive a sequel or at least talk of one. Maybe that's because it opened in second place behind The Rugrats Movie and grossed even less than the much hated WWW. I've always thought of Enemy of the State as an unofficial sequel to The Conversation, even though this certainly lessens my apparent respect for that Francis Ford Coppola classic (it is one of my favorite films of all time, actually). Archive images of Gene Hackman's character in Enemy are intentional references to The Conversation, but it's merely the sort of '70s film homage consistent with Scott's work, like having Hans Zimmer rip off Carl Orff for the Badlands-inspired True Romance.
A lot has happened in the world of government surveillance in the 12 years since the first Enemy of the State was released. We still can't rotate a video image in order to see what's inside of a bag hidden behind a person captured on a lingerie store's cameras, but the whole Patriot Act thing was pretty game changing for the ideas addressed in the movie (between this, The Siege, Armageddon and maybe even The Truman Show, 1998 was a big year for foreshadowing events of the following decade).

Perhaps Eagle Eyealready made the failed attempt at what an Enemy of the State sequel would look like. But I'll support anything that might get Hackman working again. I'd even accept a return from Jack Black, who had a minor part in the original as an NSA technician. Just so long as he's not paired up with Smith as unlikely partners on the run.

Do you think there's any place for an Enemy of the State 2 in today's security climate? And if so, would you want to see it?
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