Scene from Clash of the TitansIt's swords, sandals, gods and monsters in the 3D remake of the 1981 classic ,Clash of the Titans. But is it any good - or is it just a load of Kraken?

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Starring: Sam Worthington, Mads Mikkelson, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton
Director: Louis Leterrier
Running time: 106 minutes
Trailer: Watch it here

In a nutshell: Perseus, son of Zeus, half man, half God and in possession of the only pair of hair clippers in ancient Greece, must go on a quest to destroy the Kraken, a fearsome beast controlled by Hades the god of the underworld who plans to take power from his brother Zeus. Along the way he will fight giant scorpions, cross the river styx and probably wish he'd never left home.

What's good about it? To be honest, not a huge deal. Sam Worthington looks the part but lacks the charm of a leading man. The sets and production design (by Martin Laing, reunited with Worthington after Terminator Salvation) are impressive and Mads Mikkelsen provides an assuring and imposing physical presence that he could have done with as a Bond Villain. Nicholas Hoult of TV's Skins fame is effective, as are the supporting band of warriors that accompany Perseus on his quest.

What's not so good? The dialogue is a procession of exposition and though the plot can be forgiven for verging on the ridiculous, based as it is on the ancient Greek myths, there are lapses in logic and some plot holes that still grate (so the Kraken is a fearsome sea creature powerful enough to scare the gods, maybe not a good idea to be living by the ocean then?). It was originally filmed in 2D but hurriedly converted into 3D by the studio, rather than having been filmed specifically for the format as Avatar was (although the 2D option is still available). The resulting effect is distracting, badly realised and adds nothing to the film. The battle scenes suffer from 'Troy' syndrome and many minutes are spent watching unnamed characters fleeing a computerised monster. By the time we reach the finale, as Perseus rides his Pegasus through the Kraken's flying tentacles, you realise you don't care if he gets swiped off his flying horse or not.

An uneven story, some dodgy effects (Medusa, in particular) and the bad 3D ruin what could have been an enjoyable action adventure. For a battle between Gods and men it sure is forgettable.


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