Back in February I took a look at a collection of British comics called Dan Dare: Safari in Space for Sci-Fi Squad. I don't think anyone noticed. That's not me being self-deprecating, I just think the amount of people who are interested in time capsule comic books from the '50s is a pretty narrow group. I for one had never even heard of the character of Dan Dare or his series until I was passed the book, but I took a look all the same and came away pretty impressed by the space-adventuring future Frank Hampson imagined 50 years ago.

Well, now that Sam Worthington is attached to a Dan Dare film adaptation, I think a lot more people are going to become interested in the property. In a recent interview with MTV, Worthington told the outlet that he was looking at the project and was definitely interested in the work that was being done on a new reboot of the comic by writer Garth Ennis. He didn't actually say what character he would be playing should the film move forward, though after being the lead in Avatar and Clash of the Titans I'd be surprised if he took on a non-leading role in another big budget, sci-fi/fantasy film.
Personally, I'm okay with Worthington as an actor in general and as a contender for Dan Dare specifically. I really do think he's an okay actor, he's just been taking on roles that are written as largely charmless characters. When he's allowed to be more of himself, as he was in the giant croc flick Rogue, for example, he actually has a really great presence on screen. And considering Dan Dare is a pulp comics hero who goes on wild adventures as the chief pilot for the Interplanet Space Fleet, I think a role that is inherently a little less serious than most is exactly what the actor needs at this point.

Will a Dan Dare movie ever see the light of day? It's too early to tell right now. There are no directors or writers attached at this point, and I'm not even sure who is producing, but if Ennis' reboot is as good as Worthington says it is, a new comic should help usher along a film adaptation.
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