Even if you don't partake of the more 'spiritual' side of this holiday weekend, you are probably familiar with the secular or should I say chocolate-based aspects of the season, and there is no greater symbol of the secular Easter than a bunny (chocolate or otherwise). Now when it comes to the movies, our harey friends pretty much have two functions; being ridiculous or being adorable. Which makes sense, because well, they're bunny rabbits ... what else could they be? Which means the history of film is littered with your Harveys and then you've got your Thumpers and even your Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog.

This weekend every where you looked it was a sea of twitching noses and floppy ears, but the egg-hunts are over, and we've stuffed ourselves silly with all manner of chocolate and sugar. Besides if you are anything like me, you are probably a little sick of all things adorably fluffy. So as a remedy, I've put together a list of a few films that would send Peter Rabbit fleeing in cottontail terror.

After the jump; five movies that reveal the dark side of the lapin...
Roger & Me

You don't have to be a card-carrying member of PETA to be a little shocked upon viewing the infamous 'pets or meat' scene in Michael Moore's documentary. No one ever accused Moore of being subtle, and when some audiences were more upset about watching flopsy get the lead pipe than watching their fellow Americans in a spiral of poverty, Moore made his point about how we all turn a blind eye to each other -- on the upside, at least the little guy died for a good cause.

Watership Down

Now this one is probably down to my own ominous associations with the floppy eared among us. But upon seeing this film at the tender age of four, I was never the same again. Between this movie and Lord of The Rings, Disney films didn't stand a chance, and in fact they seemed sinister in their cheerfulness -- just what exactly where they trying to hide? But to this day I'm still not convinced that Down wasn't just Martin Rosen's nefarious plot to traumatize a generation of children.

Fatal Attraction

I'll always be a little conflicted when it comes to Adrian Lyne's sexual thriller. On one hand, it's a pretty conventional Hollywood movie with admirable performances from Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, but I can never quite get my head around the thread of misogyny that runs through the film. But 'Backlash' theories aside, the scene in which Alex takes out her revenge on the family pet has become part of movie legend -- and part of the popular vernacular thanks to the term: bunny-boiler.

Night of the Lepus

Unless you suffer from leporiphobia, I doubt you will find the tale of the mutated rabbits on a rampage all that terrifying -- other than how scary it was to see how far Janet Leigh's career had sunk, but I digress. This truly silly movie will always hold a place in my heart as the background to a prom night that turned for the worse, but fond memories aside, you can't make a list of bunnies gone bad without William F. Claxton's sci-fi horror.

Donnie Darko

If you have seen Richard Kelly's flick then I'm sure you will agree that 'Frank' is one creepy rabbit -- My god just look at the thing. The 2001 mind-bender staring Jake Gyllenhaal as the center of the apocalypse has enough strangeness to go around so I guess a horrifying Harvey providing predictions about the end of the world isn't all that out of place.
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