Saturday afternoon at the St. Regis hotel in downtown San Francisco, Cinematical sat down with The Sorcerer's Apprentice star Jay Baruchel to talk about the actor's transition from comedy into action moviemaking. During our chat, however, Baruchel indicated that directing, not acting, is where he sees his filmmaking future heading, and he hopes to launch his career behind the camera with a horror film called Pig.

"I'm in the process of writing something that I think is pretty f*cking awesome with my boy Jesse [Shapira], who I write everything with," Baruchel told Cinematical. "I've been writing with him since I was 17 and he and I have a dozen movies we want to make, and the one we're working on right now, all of my agents and managers, they know this has got to be a movie that I direct in the next two to three years."

Baruchel indicated that the film was intended to be both a tribute to the genre and a reinvention of some of its most familiar conventions. "It's called Pig," Baruchel explained. "It's a reimagining of the slasher genre where instead of a masked crazy guy chasing four affluent oversexed white kids around a camp, it's a drug-addicted, middle-aged psychotic white cop chasing four black kids through the ghetto on July 4th. It is what it is and then some, and that's what's best in horror – polarizing and it gets you right in the f*cking balls."

Right now Baruchel is gearing up for his third film in 2010 alone, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, following starring roles in She's Out of My League and How to Train Your Dragon. But the young actor revealed that he's making headway with Pig and is determined to make the film as soon as possible. "I had a pretty sweet meeting with a pretty awesome producer about a week ago, and by hook or by crook I'm going to manifest it. It will happen. I actually have to say, empirically speaking, it's coming along pretty well."

The Sorcerer's Apprentice is schedule for release nationwide on July 16, 2010. Check back this week on Cinematical for the rest of our exclusive chat with Jay Baruchel about the film!
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