The recent explosion in price differentiation at the box office is starting to make these columns somewhat more difficult. For example: Clash of the Titans set an Easter weekend record, grossing $61.4 million (not including late-night showings Thursday, topping the previous record holder, Scary Movie 4, which opened to $40 million in 2006. Such comparisons have always been a bit misleading, since of course you have to adjust for inflation -- $40 million in 2006 comes out to around $43 million today. If your aim is to gauge popularity, that's not too helpful either, since the increase in movie ticket prices has outpaced inflation. $40 million adjusted to today's average ticket prices is around $46.5 million. Clash still wins, but it's not as much of a rout.

But many of the theaters showing Clash of the Titans are showing it in 3-D, which makes things more complicated still. Variety says that the average price of a ticket to a 3-D feature is $14.73 -- and that 52% of Clash's weekend gross came from 3-D showings. Doing a bit of rough number-crunching, adjusting Scary Movie 4's numbers to a similar 2010 3-D release gives you a weekend number of... around $69 million. Of course, that doesn't mean that Scary Movie 4 should keep the Easter weekend title -- there are a gazillion assumptions built into that calculation, including that people would actually have paid a premium to see Scary Movie 4 in 3-D. But it just goes to show you how dodgy these types of box office comparisons are getting.

More on the weekend's releases, and the top 10, after the jump.

Back in 2-D-land, the latest Tyler Perry joint, Why Did I Get Married Too? (does that question make more grammatical sense if you see the film?) picked up around $30 million, slightly above average for the Tyler Perry franchise. And the Miley Cyrus-starring Nicholas Sparks weepie The Last Song opened to $16 million over the weekend, grossing around $26 million since its Wednesday release, which was about on par with expectations given the movie's pedigree. How to Train Your Dragon held up well in third place, while Alice in Wonderland passed the $300 million mark, a Tim Burton record -- though with all the adjustments you have to make nowadays, who the hell knows.

1 - Clash of the Titans (WB) - $61.4 ($16,256) - new - $64.1
2 - Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? (Lionsgate) - $30.2 ($13,991) - new - $30.2
3 - How to Train Your Dragon (DW Animation) - $29.2 ($7,192) - 33% - $92.3
4 - The Last Song (Disney) - $16.2 ($6,062) - new - $25.6
5 - Alice in Wonderland (Disney) - $8.3 ($2,774) - 53% - $309.8
6 - Hot Tub Time Machine (MGM) - $8.0 ($2,887) - 43% - $27.8
7 - The Bounty Hunter (Sony) - $6.2 ($1,988) - 48% - $49.0
8 - Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Fox) - $5.5 ($1,944) - 45% - $46.2
9 - She's Out of My League (Paramount) - $1.5 ($1,053) - $28.7
10 - Shutter Island (Paramount) - $1.5 ($1,078) - $123.4

Next week: The Tina Fey-Steve Carell pairing Date Night, directed by Shawn Levy, is the only new release.