You add a little zombies to the world of Pride and Prejudice and the world goes wild. These days, creepy creatures and classic figures are going hand-in-hand, thanks to the seemingly non-stop love of vamps and chills. Hell, we even have Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter coming our way. But a hunter is no slayer, and while the pun is apt, this next re-jig might get the mash-up world in a little trouble. Sherri Browning Erwin's Jane Slayre will hit shelves on April 13, and Production Weekly's Twitter feed reports that her reps are currently busy in Hollywood with a spec of her mash-up.

From Amazon: "Jane Slayre, our plucky demon-slaying heroine, a courageous orphan who spurns the detestable vampyre kin who raised her, sets out on the advice of her ghostly uncle to hone her skills as the fearless slayer she's meant to be." The book certainly plays it close to the famous slayer. While there's no long line of vamp fighters -- one girl in all the world -- she is getting taught by a ghostly uncle (aka Watcher), and does go up against more than fangs, enjoying a little slaying with the zombies and werewolves as well.

And we thought fighting in high fashion was silly. Move over prom dress -- it's corset time!
Many eyes have already started to roll over these paranormal twists, so what will it mean when Jane Eyre ... sorry, Slayre ... tries to take over Buffy's job? Joss Whedon might get busy with the Avengers soon, and even if he doesn't, I don't think there's a chance in hell that Buffy will ever hit the big screen again*, so the slayer door is wide open. However, Ms. Summers is still around, in comic adventures and slaying random Twi-hards, and I can't decide if a little literary fun will be embraced or spurned by the population of spunky modern slayer lovers.

Can Jane fill Buffy's big shoes? Is slaying the same without Giles, Willow, Xander, and the rest of the gang? Are you happy for a little Slayre, or do you just want Jane to stick to her classic adaptation?

*"Again" was added for clarity, as Buffy started off as a massacred movie. Of course, some reports say she's coming back again, but I think we can agree that there is no true Buffy without Joss.
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