Last month I recommended that Hollywood throw more work at William Atherton, of Ghostbusters, Die Hard and Real Genius fame. I even encouraged the years-old plan for a Real Genius sequel so long as Atherton returned as Jerry Hathaway. Well, that support has gone unnoticed, and instead there's rumor today that Columbia Pictures and original producer Brian Grazer are remaking the 1985 science-nerd comedy. Pajiba has the scoop -- courtesy of their consistently reliable yet anonymous source -- in a post that also brings word of a House Party reboot. Which one hurts your childhood more?

For me, it's definitely Real Genius. I'm imagining computer-generated popcorn overfilling Hathaway's house and romantic leads who aren't quite as awkwardly gender-neutral as Gabe Jarret and Michelle Meyrink. The whole thing slaps this version of me right in the face. Those nerd movies of the '80s, whether as popular as Revenge of the Nerds (which is also on the remake train) or as slow-to-cult-status as this, were my lifeblood. What's next, remakes of The Explorers and My Science Project? I still say go for a Real Genius Too and feature Atherton and Val Kilmer as professors to a new crop of little Einsteins. That's almost like a remake, and it doesn't upset the fans as much.
As for House Party, I hardly remember the first movie outside of the outfits and the haircuts. And yet I saw at least one of the three sequels and followed Kid 'n' Play (aka Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin) to their Saturday morning cartoon and Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell to the sitcom Martin. Of course, when you look like this and aren't actually smart enough to be off developing lasers somewhere, you're home most hours watching anything on TV. Given how lasting a franchise it was, House Party must have some fans who are frustrated with this news.

As one of the film series that put New Line on the map, a House Party remake was bound to follow reboots of A Nightmare on Elm Street and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (place your bets on a Critters remake coming up next). It is a little weird to redo a franchise that was made purely as a vehicle for a rap duo. It's almost like remaking Help! or Cool as Ice. But they can get another pair of rappers for the leads (one friend suggested Lil Twist and Lil Chuckee, another said New Boyz).

The surprising thing is that Brett Ratner is at the controls of this one, at least as a producer. He's not the worst guy in the world when it comes to remakes -- Red Dragon isn't that bad, just unnecessary -- but I hope his idea isn't just to put an extra-tall hi-top fade on Chris Tucker. His hair was crazy enough in The Fifth Element.

Which of these remake plans are you more upset with?
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