The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn rumors continue to heat up. When news of potential helmers first broke, three names were in the mix: Sofia Coppola, Gus Van Sant, and Bill Condon -- Summit's idea of "high-end" directors for the final installment. When we wrote about the news, Condon sort of disappeared into the mist, but now it looks like he's the front-runner. Deadline reports that Condon has become the number one choice for the project, and while he hasn't signed on yet, he's been a part of "several strong meetings."

That "number-one choice" idea is most likely "the only interested party," but it's not like Condon is without his own notable gigs. Yes, everyone notes that he's the Dreamgirls director and Chicago screenwriter, but they pale in comparison to his work on the excellent Kinsey, as well as Oscar-winning work for another of my favorite dramas, Gods and Monsters. (No, that doesn't make him perfect for Twilight. It was a film about Frankenstein director James Whale.) Condon is certainly not desperate for work; he's got three gigs on his plate, including the Richard Pryor biopic starring Marlon Wayans.
So, why the interest? Is he hoping to film an uber-indie feature and needs some capital to get it going? And just how will he, an Oscar-winning screenwriter, deal with Melissa Rosenberg's script? She might not be working off Shakespearian material, but she also leaves something to be desired with her adaptations -- the hideous New Moon deleted scene being a prime example of her creation.

And what about the special effects? Catherine Hardwicke was trashed for her treatment of the speedy vampire ways, and Breaking Dawn ups the ante with sharp-toothed c-sections, vampiric hunting, lots more vampire powers, and half a book with Jacob and his friends in wolf form. None of Summit's picks for the finale are known for their flashy effects.

Breaking Dawn: Another huge moneymaker for the exploding studio, or total disaster?
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