Well, not really.

On Tuesday afternoon, the official Dr. Horrible Twitter account posted a link to a video game-styled recreation of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. 8-bit artist and musician Doctor Octoroc created the tribute in three parts and his eight and a half-minute interpretation of Act I is currently available on his website as a high-quality flash video and on YouTube. He's been working on the project since January and says he working on Acts II and III but doesn't know when they'll be finished.

If Joss Whedon ever releases a Dr. Horrible video game (and he should), Doc Oct's the first one he should call.

Watch the video after the jump.

I would have enjoyed this if it was just chunky, 8-bit Dr. Horrible cutscenes, but Doc Oct's video surpassed any expectations I might have had by adapting the plot and music so naturally to the video game medium. He's packed in a lot of RPG detail, from not being allowed to leave the house in his Dr. Horrible costume to having banal yet helpful conversations with the laundromat patrons. The Bad Horse singers appearing around Dr. Horrible was a nice touch. Hope the eventual fight with Captain Hammer will be done as a Final Fantasy-like battle instead of in cutscenes.

If the Scott Pilgrim video game's half as good as this at incorporating memorable, pre-existing characters and music, it'll be one of those rare video game adaptations of a movie/graphic novel that's actually worth playing.

If for some reason you haven't seen Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog already, some kind soul has uploaded it on YouTube if you don't want to buy the DVD online. Part One of Act I is embedded below.

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