Welcome to a new feature here at Cinematical, and by "new feature" I mean "something we'll futz around with a few times to see if readers like it, but we'll get bored with it real quick if they don't." (Yes, you're guinea pigs!) The basic gist is this: Here is our Cinematical Twitter feed ---> hello <--- and if you "follow" us on that wonderfully addicting social network, then you'll notice two things: 1. We have a "Twitterfeed" hooked up to make sure you catch all the latest headlines at Cinematical (oh, and don't forget Horror Squad & Sci-FI Squad.) 2. At random points you'll see some "poll"-type queries.

All you need to do is respond to those questions accurately and honestly, and you could very well see your Twitter handle up in massive glowing neon. (Note: you'll actually just get a mention here on Cinematical. We cannot afford neon.) The plan is to share the first ten* replies. So it'll go like this:

Name the three Woody Allen films you truly love. (Or lerv.)

Annie Hall, Manhattan, Stardust Memories (I may be alone with that last one!) -- @moviegrrl
Only 3? Jeez. Well...Manhattan, Annie Hall, Crimes and Misdemeanors -- @zherrm
"Love and Death." "Manhattan." "Hannah And Her Sisters." -- @drewathitfix
sleeper, bananas, everyone says i love you -- @docslacker
Annie Hall, Crimes & Misdemeanors, Match Point -- @coopcooper
"Zelig" "Annie Hall" "The Purple Rose Of Cairo" -- @potatofilm
Love and Death, Shadows and Fog, Annie Hall -- @dylanschenker
Only three? Hard, but here goes: Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Everyone Says I Love You and Radio Days -- @tiagomota
Annie Hall, Bullets over Broadway and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. -- @cinemaneophyte
I love Zelig, Stardust Memories, Deconstructing Harry -- @olallofilm

We also sent a request out for films related to Stanley Kubrick and the classic spoof Airplane!...

Name your top THREE Kubrick films, in order!

3. The Killing 2. The Shining 1. 2001 -- @antmerker
2001, Dr. Strangelove, Clockwork Orange? -- @ebrown2012
The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon. -- @kristenmchugh22
the shining, eyes wide shut, 2001... -- @nwilliamson
The Shining, The Killing, 2001: A Space Odyssey. -- @themike31
Shinning,2001,clockwork orange! -- @dedaydedi
Clockwork Orange, 2001, and...I think I'll go with Lolita. -- @katiedoyle
1.) The Killing 2.) Dr.Strangelove 3.)The Shining -- @samarov

Aside from "...and don't call me Shirley," what is your favorite line from AIRPLANE!?

"Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue." -- @iamboat
Over Macho Grande. I'll NEVER be over Macho Grande!!!!! -- @kenhall57
leg 'er down a smack 'em yak 'em -- @wallythecat
"Billy, have you ever seen a grown man, naked?" -- @xanxiuz
I've always loved the "drinking problem" gag. -- @marshy00
Striker, listen, flying a plane is no different than riding a bicycle, just a lot harder to put baseball cards in the spokes. -- @markledder
"And Leon's getting larrrrrr-ger!" -- @micktomlinson
Sugar? No, thank you, I take it black, like my men -- @popwrap
"Joey, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?" -- @mattsinger
"I speak jive." -- @shoshido

So all this proves is that Cinematical's twitter readers are seriously awesome movie nerds. Join the club! Not down with the tweet scene? Fair enough. Answer the questions above in the comments section below! I'm already thinking of the next batch of questions...

*Not set in stone. I may skip over a respondent if, for example, they were just cited on a previous question. Just trying to spread the love around and keep things fair. I may also skip a tweet if you didn't respond correctly, like if I ask for three Uwe Boll films and you give me nine.
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