I've long been a fan of Paul Verhoeven's body of work, particularly his sci-fi films (I unapologetically love Starship Troopers and will draw pistols with any man who has words otherwise), so I always get excited at the prospect of a new film from the director. His latest project, however, has me even more intrigued than usual. MTV has the scoop that Verhoeven is working with an unidentified writer on an adaptation of an unidentified video game, which desperately has me wanting to play the guessing game.

We know that the untitled film is set in 1914 and that it is both "Indiana Jones-ish" and "Hitchcockian", but sadly that's about all we have to go on. Those last two bits, though seemingly incongruous considering Indiana Jones isn't exactly Hitchcock fare and vice-versa, could leave us open for plenty of guesses, but the 1914 time frame really throws me off (though /Film may have nailed it). If it were set during the War to End all Wars instead of The Great War, that would free up a possibility I wouldn't mind seeing.

Given that his last film was Black Book, a WWII thriller about a female member of the Dutch resistance, I'd love to think that he continued that femme-fatale trend with a big screen version of Velvet Assassin, Replay Studio's stealth action game loosely based on the life of real life spy Viollete Szabo. I wasn't a particular fan of the game, but that was entirely due to the gameplay mechanics and not story. As a film I think it would work quite well - Szabo's story has already been told once in the 1958 film Carve Her Name With Pride - but again, that's just my wishful hoping.

I wish I could think of any video games set in 1914 that have actual plots, but I'm drawing a blank here. Any suggestions?
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