Pirate Radio
Rogue DJs in the '60s hop on a boat to play rock records and square off against a government who wants to shut them down. In his review, Peter Martin wrote: "Except for pacing issues that dog the film clear through to an interminably extended final 25 minutes, it's a perfectly serviceable party picture that's intended to invoke nostalgia rather than meaningful reflection." Rent it on DVD or Blu-ray.

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The Slammin' Salmon
The Broken Lizard troupe digs into restaurant life and wait staff wars as Michael Clarke Duncan plays an owner who makes his wait staff compete -- cash to the winner, a "broken rib sandwich" to the loser. From SXSW 2009, Eugene Novikov raved that the film "is 90 minutes of truly inspired comic mayhem." Buy it on DVD or Blu-ray.

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Before you gear up for Kick Ass, you should check out Woody Harrelson in Defendor. By day, he directs traffic at construction sites; by night, he wears a duct-taped D and tries to keep the streets safe. Scott Weinberg reviewed the indie today and wrote: "What some may see as a schizophrenic little tale that wants to have its superhero cake and deflate it too, I see a tightly-wound, well-paced, nicely-shot, and (again) resoundingly well-acted Canadian indie that has a few compelling things to say, and says them in an unexpectedly entertaining way." Buy it.

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Crazy on the Outside
It's time for another Tim Allen comedy, one that reflects a little of the actor's past. He plays a man fresh out of prison looking to get his life back together. The film is full of notable names -- Sigourney Weaver, JK Simmons, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Julie Bowen, Kelsey Grammer, Ray Liotta -- but the only notable thing about the movie is probably that it's available only at Target. That should tell you something. Skip it.

Also out: Oh My God, Tenderness, The Great Mouse Detective, Haunted, Ice Twisters, Tenure, Storm Seekers, Final Storm, The Missing Person

Apollo 13 (15th Anniversary Edition)
Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the actual expedition, the Ron Howard-directed space adventure gets a 15th anniversary release. As BlogCritics notes, the film looks a little gritty in high-def, which suits the time, but the sound is "crisp and clear, and places you perfectly within the various arenas in which the film takes place." But if patience is not a virtue, beware -- pre-movie baubles like a downloaded trailer and language selection slow down playback: "it took more than three minutes every time the disc was started to actually get to the main menu (and that is skipping the trailer that runs before the menu)."

Nightmare on Elm Street
As the remake gears up for release later this month, the classic horror film is headed to high-def territory. Use it as a blast from the past to gear up for the new tale, or pretend the remake never happened with this high-quality transfer. As High Def Digest notes: "This Blu-ray edition of the Freddy classic delivers a terrific audio/video presentation and a strong collection of supplements though none are new. "

Also out: Gone with the Wind: Scarlett Edition

Usually collector picks are the releases with extra goodies. But to be fair, much of that is fluff that sits in the box never used or paid much attention. One of my favorite true collector's series, which makes the movie itself the collectible, has got a new release today:

Essential Art House
ESH is back with Volume Five, which you can pick up as a 6-film collection, or separately. This time, Janus Films offers Kapo, 8 1/2, Floating Weeds, Loves of a Blonde, Brief Encounter, and Jules and Jim. Buy now, or wait for one of Barnes and Noble's killer Criterion sales.