I'm generally not one to get excited over relatively unknown anthologies, but after reading the synopses of the four films included in the Thai anthology Phobia, I'm actually quite interested to take a peek at some of them. After all, The Eye (not explicitly Thai, but part of the Thai horror scene), genuinely freaked me out, and if the trailer is any indication, it seems that the films included in Phobia have the potential to be just as spooky.

Paween Purikitpanya, who directed the 2007 thriller Body, brings us Tit for Tat, a flick that promises to be heavy on the gore. A group of dope-smoking school bullies face blood, Final Destination-style retribution when their latest victim, a fellow student, seeks revenge via black magic and a terrifying curse from which there is no escape. Or is there?

Banjong Pishanthankun, one-half of the duo responsible for the popular flick Shutter, ventures into horror-comedy territory with In the Middle, a self-referential film that poses the question, "Why are ghosts always females with white faces and long, straight black hair?" Four friends, however, discover that life doesn't imitate art when one of them goes missing during a camping and white water rafting trip.
The other half of the duo behind Shutter, Parkpoom Wongpoom, brings us Last Flight, a claustrophobic thriller about a stewardess who, in the midst of transporting the body of a deceased princess, is haunted by the ghost of a woman whose marriage she wrecked and accidentally killed. As an added bonus, this short comes with a special "Making Of" featurette.

Saving the best for the last, I'm most excited about Happiness, a short film by Yongyoot Thongkongtoon lacking any semblance of dialogue. A teenage girl, confined to her home due to injuries sustained in a taxi accident, is faced with hours upon hours of countless boredom. One night, instead of her usual round of boredom, she receives a text message from a mysterious boy. Unfortunately for her, his texts are coming from beyond the grave.

Trite, yes, but after watching the trailer (which can be found after the cut), I was sold. The DVD, released by Icon Entertainment, will hit shelves in the UK on May 10th.

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