Adam McKay and Will Ferrell are a powerhouse team of funny. Together, they launched Funny or Die, which was the watershed moment when viral video met Hollywood hilarity. Together, they've gotten actors, actresses, and "personalities" like Paris Hilton to make fun of themselves and each other in. Take the bizarre and hilarious video Forehead Tittaes, which shows Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard donning a pair of prosthetic breasts on her forehead. And talk about kids behaving badly, one of their first videos was "The Landlord," starring Will Ferrell as a tenant behind on his rent and McKay's toddler as a drunk, abusive landlord. That one left us all scratching our heads at the office. Funny or Die even landed its own TV show on HBO, which was a groundbreaking move for the network. (Successful? TBD. Unique? Yes.)

Together, they've written and produced some of the funniest works in Ferrell's repertoire, making him one of the comedians to break out of the SNL movie curse, which seemed to loom over his head in the wake of A Night at the Roxbury and Superstar.

Ferrell was getting noticed for his cameo in Zoolander and his roles in Old School and Elf, but in my opinion, it wasn't until he and McKay got together for Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy that Ferrell found his stride. Needless to say, I am really looking forward to The Other Guys.
One of my favorite McKay-Ferrell flicks also features an equally wily actor with both improv and dramatic chops, John C. Reilly. Together, they're Step Brothers, two grown-ass men who act like high school kids. They still live at home with their respective parents, played by Richard Jenkins and Mary Steenburgen, who meet at a business conference and eventually fall in love, especially since they can relate to each other's problems with their kids, er, adult children. They marry and move in together, and so do their sons... which does not please either of the spoiled brats that Reilly and Ferrell play. One of the most hilarious scenes is when they get into a brawl in the front yard, using everything from their fists to a bicycle to beat each other up.

Below is a censored clip of the aftermath - in the R-rated movie, Ferrell lets loose with some choice phrases that are unfortunately not included in this family-friendly clip. Still, it's hilarious all the same. Check it out here!